What I saw on eBay!: Devil from Jim Hensons “The Storyteller”

One of the finest episodes produced for this landmark TV series ( “ ingenious”— Time ), The Soldier and Death recounts the tale of a soldier returning home from war being given three magic objects, which he uses to outwit a pack of demons, leading to his encounter with Death himself. Written by Oscar-winner Anthony Minghella.

Here is the original ebay auction listing:

the internal structure from one of the devils used in JIM HENSON”S STORYTELLER series from 1988.. All hand crafted , as is condition, This was a Cable controlled puppet  that had been covered in a Foam latex skin.. The skin has long since decayed , but still a fasinating piece. Carbon fiber , and fiberglass chest and skull .internal cable system,  Glass eyes,  a functional arm control  cast foot detail.  plus a Foam latex  Ear from one of the chillydowns (Fireies)   from Jim Hensons film Labyrinth


you will never see another piece like this on EBAY EVER.. for a true hard core Henson Collector.


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