Propstop Personal collection (not for sale)

“2 Guns”



Immortal mask. One of 30 produced for the production this is hard vaccum metalised plastic, chromed and with attached webbing and inner foam lining.


“Critters 2” 1988 New Line Cinema

This screenused Critter of the bounty hunter Ug is a screenused prop with remote hand controls made and sold by the Chiodo Bros. the teeth have been screen matched to the Crite in the film.


Immortals (2011)

Epirus bow  used by Theseus (Henry Cavill) & original design art. Immortals was originally called “Dawn of War”


Pixels (2014)

Lady Lisa’s costume and sword (Sony coa)


“Resident evil : Afterlife”

Alice (Mila jovovich) military jacket


Robocop 2 1990 nuke drug container

Plastic Nuke drug container with logo used by various characters 


Rob Roy (1995)

Liam Neeson (Rob’s) complete hero outfit obtained from the MGM archive


The seventh son (2015)

Master Gregory (Jeff bridges) stunt rubber knife 


The Shrine (2011) 

Possession mask from the original prop maker on the production



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