Labyrinth Brian Froud artwork shows up in UK auction

Some beautiful artwork by Labyrinth concept artist Brian Froud showed up today in the UK and sold for just under 3000 UK pounds. I expect some of it will be showing up in propstore soon as seems to be the case of recent but for now here are all 9 pieces for your attention. It’s all quite stunning.

The Dark Knight in Chicago Part 2: Batman cowl

As part of meeting a truly wonderful part of Chicago’s movie making community when I visited the gentleman and his lovely wife in question I got a little insight into his love for the comic genre at seeing his amazing collection of a Superman, DC and other characters adorning the walls of the basement.

I already knew about some of the wonderful things he had collected over a 30 year Midwest career but as we figured out the deal on those badges in part 1 and a couple of other pieces I had also noticed a familiar piece of the Batman character in the corner of the room…a cowl.

I had spent most of my time their thinking it was a $30 Halloween replica but that melted away when I was informed the full background of this wonderful piece of film history.

During production of the film I was told that the Batmasks made in England had been shipped over and protected by the crew during the grueling 3 month shoot in one of the hottest Summers Chicago had experienced for quite a while. One of the masks had been delegated as the Photodouble piece and was an early production made casting almost identical to the final version worn by Christian Bale. This mask was frequently worn sans the rest of the costume by the double but necessary because of the height of the ears in the frame.

As I sat enjoying this tale, the piece transformed out of its original “Halloween” mask appearance to something much more fascinating, I noticed a picture on the wall of the costume crew and what I thought was Bale and I asked about it. “Look again” I was told and I did…it was the gentleman standing in front of me in the full costume worn during a quiet part of the shooting day just so he could say “I wore that!”

Warners archive cowl

The cowl had been used every day of shooting and in August the double had nearly fainted during filming so the production took a drill and made holes in the head. These had been filled and I asked what had happened.

Well the DP had “put up” with it for a few days but after the holes had interfered with the light bouncing off it in a technical way he had requested they be filled which they were, resulting in its current appearance.

Photo/stunt double in background wearing jeans “Dark Knight Rises”

At the end of production the gentleman had asked to keep it had since it was so damaged from the three months of use and he was duly given it. An amazing part of the filming since it was on nearly every location and part of setting up filming for many of the famous shots.

So there’s a plus and minus with this piece. Due to how it was stored and originally made the foam has hardened over time…remember it’s 16 years since the filming and cracked in some places. The only area that is still foam in consistency is the direct back of the cowl.

The plus is that instead of rotting the piece has simply gone hard albeit very fragile. The costume under the cowl was made by him for display using original fabric given to him by the costume department.

Onto part 3 in the next few weeks.