So you have never bid on a prop/costume auction before….here is how

Well for some of the newer folks to the wonderful world of props and costumes here are some pointers to help you in the upcoming auction this Sunday from

Link to sale

Long time buyers should also read the following for some cool stuff that’s being done.

First up the buyers premium is 20%. That’s a fee if you buy an item the seller gets 20% commission. This is now one of the lower amounts charged out there. IE if you spend $100 you are charged $20 as 20% of $100. Total of $120. $200 is $240 etc etc.

Secondly there are shipping fees that the buyer pays. You can choose the service and you will pay that. There is a small handling fee for tape, boxes and time to pack due to the nature of most of the lots. Your items need packing well and tracked safely to your door. Please read the terms and conditions on the auction page. You are bound by them including paying for the items you win.

No secondary bidding service. No floor bids. A solid bidding platform. I know having been a bidder over 25 years how people can be wary of some of these points. Propabilia has decided all bidding will be done on the platform against real bidders with no outside bids that can confuse and iCollector is a rock solid auction site. We do ask your patience as this is Propabilia’s first sale so bear with us if there are a few short delays.

Third no reserves. The opening bid takes the lot if no other bids. If it’s $1.00 and no other interest you win for $1.00. If it’s $150 opening and no other bids and you bid $150 it’s yours.

All items at Propabilia and are sold direct from them. The professional coa covers the items because they have personally obtained the item from sources on production/studios or linked directly to them. You can thus be confident these items are production used. The certificate is pictured in the auction photos.

There will be some short breaks in the auction but it will go fairly quickly. Bid quickly and bear in mind a 3 second daily on your computer. If you bid by phone it’s less. Once a lot closes that’s it. You lost your chance. Don’t be that guy. Bid your best.

Sign up now at and bid early. If there is an internet outage, your computer dies, powercut or your dog needs to go outside leave a single bid to cover yourself. If you want to bid higher feel free to. The computer will bid up but only if an outside bid from a registered internet bidder raises it. Again there is no floor bids with Propabilia in this auction and no telephone bids or other auction platforms linked to it.

Currently approximately 30% of the items have bids and there are lots of fellow bidders so we know it will be a fun and exciting auction. Thank you for joining Propabilia in its first online auction event with more movie & tv auctions planned later this year.

Blake’s 7 wardrobe art comes to auction

Well this one was a bit of a shame as I didn’t win the chance to own it but let’s write this all down for posterity since I’m fairly sure only a few people watched this event happen.

So last week in sleepy Colchester England near where I grew up a small auction house unexpectedly listed the following lot:

Blake’s 7 – British science fiction television series, produced by BBC, memorabilia – including 60+ signed and dated costume designs with fabric swatches by Nicholas Rocker 1979 – 1981, plus a quantity of official and unofficial photographs on location, portraits of actors, etc, some signed, a few Blake’s 7 magazines and filming schedule for episodes 1, 2, 5, 6, plus 3 and 4 all series DProvence: direct from the family CONDITION REPORT Approximately 75 original drawings, two filming schedules and and album of autographs and filming photographs

All this for the princely estimate of sixty pounds (about $80) US.

Some very nice stuff in here included hand drawn art by the designer. He was VERY young when he worked on the series under director Mary Ridge.

Personal letter below in the lot signed by Mary Ridge

In the end I was literally blown out of the water and the lot sold for fifty two hundred pounds plus 20% commission and tax and just well TOO much.

But yet again it proves the old adage cool stuff sells and even small auctions get found buried on the inter web. Easy come…easy go.

I liked the estimate price ALOT more.

Shadowhunters props are incoming to Propabilia’s first online auction

Having built up a massive teen fanbase Shadowhunters ends soon which is the perfect time to binge and catchup.

Shadowhunters also won this years People’s choice awards for best show and most bingeable series.

Millions of fans have started thousands of twitter fan areas for the actors and show, there are countless Facebook pages and sites devoted for peoples love of the books and media.

With good reason too as the characters are interesting and kick ass but the sets, costumes and props are excellent too.

Sparing no expense the costumes were purchased or gifted to production by major brands and many of the costume pieces ran into the thousands of dollars for some of the USA’s and Canada’s best companies.

Props were made by some of the best prop makers in Canada. The quality of the leatherwork is incredible and many of the weapons were made in metal with real leather and artisanal workmanship.

Propabilia is offering these fully researched props with coa’s guaranteed for the item at its next event on 24th March 2019 on Linked here at 12:00 Eastern time.

You can watch the new episodes Monday on Freeform tv or the old episodes are on demand on YouTube, Hulu and Prime.

An archive of costumes from Claire Underwood “House of Cards”

Over the last five years I’ve basically used my free Netflix preview weekends to coincide with the release of “House of Cards” and like “The Get Down” and the Marvel series’ found them to be worthy of collecting from.

One of the things that I enjoyed about the show was the beautiful wardrobe on characters. I could tell the costumes were top grade clothing and as usual the vip auctions on eBay proved that theory as we were now able to see the original wardrobe tags and ascertain prices on key pieces.

Sadly (or to some I’m sure your upset with him understandably) the suits for Frank Underwood as played by actor Kevin Spacey were stricken from the auction because of the negative publicity caused. Those suits were $4000-5000 a piece which is a shame because they were beautifully tailored and there were 40-50 made a season.

So given that I thought Claire Underwood as played by Robin Wright would be the next best items and to try and get a number of pieces to show her change of personality in the show over the years. Some might say i went a little overboard in that but hopefully I explain how that happened.

Here is a wonderful article I recommend to read about the costumes from the show.

So many of the early season costumes were off the peg and later became custom made more and more as the series progressed past Series 4.

I’ll start with the early season items which I bought less of but in most cases are designer clothes purchased by production or donated by high end labels.

Episode 304 Clair costume made by Andrew Green (top) and Dolce & Gabbana (Dress).

The above costume piece is a Caroline Herrera blouse from Season 3 Episode 12.

The above costume pieces are from Episode 402.

This dress is by Akris Punto and used in the final scene of Episode 412 and then for most of Episode 413.

By episode 501 I started becoming more interested in the custom costumes. This was a great example and several other versions covered in fake blood were also available. This is the clean version.

Episode 507 this one is worn for almost the whole episode which isn’t often on “HOC”. This is a nice example of the evolution of her outfits as they become more militaristic in their cut. This was also a completely custom made piece.

Basically from this point I started trying to buy every single “Kemal original” custom piece I could. I think in the end I won about 40% of them but there is a few I missed that sadden me. Overall though I won the pieces that I thought showed the military dictator look Claire received in Season 6 and a few others that I just loved the design.

S6 Episode 3 and Episode 6 dress above.

Episode 604. I love this piece with the red stripe across the jacket.

Episode 602 and 606 militaristic style Kemal jacket with belt and “Chloe” trousers. The buttons are the presidential seal.

Episode 605 full length dress which when I saw the episode was at top of my list of must haves. Just a beautiful custom dress. Love this thing.

Episode 607 blue dress was the final piece I won and although I bid on the final episode 8 costumes (there were 3) I at this point was very happy with what I had.

In the end I look back at another fun auction and although I think I went a little overboard I really enjoy owning these wonderful costumes. Having the tags and full history too makes them a really fascinating bit of tv history and in most cases are one of a kind costumes due to the nature of the show.


Its a busy couple of months between now and Spring so here is a list of the upcoming events that are scheduled with some surprise announcements this year already.

Keep in mind this is just until the end of March.

February 1st Propstore Spring auction (misc)

February 1st The Mick auction VIP

February 8th 2019 Operation Finale VIP

February 8th 2019 The Prodigy VIP

February 16th Icons of Pop Culture monthly auction

February 15th 2019 Stargate & Godzilla auction VIP

February 28th 2019 Profiles in History TRANSFORMERS THE AUCTION

February 2019 Propstore Community auction

February 15th 2019 Propstore Spitting Image auction

February 2019 Propstore Vintage Toy and Collectible auction

Icons of Pop Culture Goosebumps 2 auction February 23rd 2019

Icons of Pop Culture monthly auction March 2019

Heritage auctions March 16th Entertainment

Once upon a Time auction II March 2019

Chris Hanlin auction March






2018 a year in review

So every now and then we look at the year in props and wardrobe and this 2018 is no different in that many things happened in 12 short months.

Let’s take a look at the highlights and where applicable the lowlights with some great quotes made by prop luminaries over the past 12 months.

Where applicable I’ve added some comments

“The big auction companies are going to start to fight for their slice of the pie.”

To be honest that’s pretty obvious with Profiles in history already advertising for items for next year…and Propstore already has a ghost in the Shell part 2, an action figure auction, spitting image and much more. I predict the following. An auction nearly every month with about a week between them to give you time to make another payment plan. I’m starting to think this may not be good in some ways for prices going forward but who knows.

“Purely based on weekly sales Vip auctions is currently owning the space.”

Profiles took a hit selling modern era props in December. You can try and argue that with me but don’t bother. Proof is in the pudding with so many unsold lots and opening bid items.

Propstore has great sales with ghost in the Shell getting a $24,000 bid for a geisha costume and high bids on The Major character pieces. The Warcraft auction was also a huge success but a majority of good pieces all sold to one person which was a major bummer to collectors just wanting one piece.

Bottom line with between 250-400 pieces a week Vip auction has continued to get some hot properties like Creed, House if Cards, Tomb Raider, The Librarians And with Ash vs Evil dead getting INSANE prices on chainsaws $5-13,000k, and the $5k-30,000 Necronomicons being massive sellers including the best part that you may complain about shipping prices but you also aren’t paying 15-28% fees in the shape of premiums….well they really are consistently on fellow collectors lips when I talk to them.

“If your at the bottom as a dealer it’s because of the following reasons still: authenticity/shipping/customer service”

No explanation necessary. Insert culprits here.

“How many times do we have to say it….if it looks too good to be true…get a second opinion at least”

Marvel, Star Wars and other Hot properties (insert DC here) Remember that just because you want something does not preclude asking questions, due diligence, and ignoring advice from seasoned veterans telling you better. Almost all the newbies fall for this. I’ll leave you a quote from one of the top guys who used to work in Marvels prop archive department who basically told me “we don’t bother going after the fake stuff…it’s not ours. You better believe if it was missing (not on purpose) we knew it was missing”

This will be the year many people realize they have too much in their huge collections and rapidly find out that they overpaid and can’t get rid of it now without taking a bath”

Im seeing this every now and then and it’s getting worse. Collections are becoming like mini museums across the world and the places to resell are becoming more picky to take stuff (unless it’s guaranteed large price) and eBay is great for buyers but selling unless your one of the big guys is getting tough as stuff gets far too hard to find. Don’t even add the huge amounts of fakes, items not spelt right and crazy prices on items sold the week before by VIP or Premiere.

The proliferation of Facebook prop pages.”

Far too many! Someone falls away from the group opens another page. Then another…another…another… infinity. Then interesting articles get lost by pointless repartition of articles sometimes reposted up to 3 times…facebooks awful system of showing posts and finally the annoyance of posts disappearing either by deletion or some other form of deletion. Facebook sucks.

Let’s all just agree to go the movie prop group and use that. It has 25k plus members and no matter if you think that numbers off it’s more than the splinter groups of 25-500-1200 or 2000 that others have. Just quit the complaining, take some criticism and get along.

Yeah I know. Not gonna happen but I like to dream.

“Buying items from vip auctions one week or premiereprops only to list it the next week for three times more”

eBay is filling up with this stuff and Advertising it on the forums is crazy. We all know what you paid? Go out there and find new stuff just stop bidding the actual people up who actually WANT to own it not for resale. It’s just not cricket.

(Having said that if you want to own a piece of the lot and sell the rest…that’s totally logical to resell the parts you don’t want)

“Please stop complaining About shipping”

Basically we know some places have fees to pack. That’s perfectly ok as long as they show this upfront. In fact it’s really ok if that packing means the stuff isn’t broken by throwing in an old Home Depot box with no packaging. Nuff said.

On subject of overcharging for shipping a few dollars here and there for tape, boxes and time is perfectly fine too. To do a great job sometime I pack for 30 mins to 2 hours.

Also tell us when you got it and liked the packing. It makes us happy.

But yeah don’t overcharge for shipping if your actually making a mint from it. If your a victim of that complain away!

Do not ever pack to allow this.


“Don’t be dim. Realize there are a lot less of us out there than we think

Well it finally happened. Having access to various sites it’s become very apparent that there are less of us out there than we think. Get this about 1,000-1500 regularly buying stuff.

When you take those numbers down to regular daily and weekly buyers it shrinks FAR more.

People spending over $50,000? Same names come up again and again.

After years of tabulating auctions and websites and seeing 10 people bid on premiereprops on a Friday, 150 at a decent internet auction and 500-600 at a big one the fact is this. There aren’t as many of us as we thought. In fact worryingly it proves my theory that basically if we could all play nice we would be paying ALOT less for this stuff.

Is this why props are at critical mass?

Is this when payment plans have reached the top of the hill and stuff is only selling 50% -60% sell thru at auction as an average.

Is this why Propstore and Profiles have moved into Disneyania, posters and action figures? Is it to diverse for more money or because the core business has plateaued.

Certainly we lost Screenused this year a truly respected company and I’m sure nobody saw that coming. Something is definitely affecting the market.

My theory is that there is a limited amount of players and certainly limited above $500. That whole pool that people used to sell too has been sucked up and they are now in payment plans for 4 months on $2500 props that may not net that ever again when they are resold. They are effectively removed from the market whilst on one or two of those plans or their credit cards are paid back.

This has had a knock on effect with auctions because you need two bidders to make an auction take off. The more people on payment plans they are then taken out of the auction.

We have seen that recently with profiles having so much unsold even with three months of solid auctions in front of it there was still money thrown at the opening bid but no further action.

So these are my theories and thoughts. Hope they inspire thoughts and feelings if your own. Whilst I’m not worried about the hobby I do feel this could be a tipping point approaching in way things are done. Certainly perceived. Let’s see how 2019 changes things and I hope for now keeps us able to do what we love to do.

Doesn’t it just feel sometimes your the only one in the room?