Legends memorabilia of Vancouver Canada spotlight

I just want to share my insight into a great company that doesn’t always get the spotlight of some of its competitors but amongst buyers in the prop community is consistently well spoken of and that’s Legends of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Presenting over the last few years smaller auctions including Hell on Wheels most recently and mini sales like Stargate and The Outer Limits tv series with great pictures, accurate descriptions and awesome customer service they have gone from strength to strength and have some great properties coming very soon to their site.

Legends always takes great pictures for their auctions like this one from Hell on Wheels

In the meantime if you have interest in the Netflix original Okja, Outer Limits or any of the above on the banner above contact owners Bill and Julie as they have a lot of great stuff from those productions still available.

Legends can be found on Facebook Facebook or at their website https://www.legends-memorabilia.com

Watch out for more info on their next show they are selling very soon.


Propstore has a “Mute” auction which some people didn’t hear

Yeah yeah ridiculous pun I know. If you look at Rotten Tomatoes this film ranks a 15% so most people would react they didn’t just not hear it they ignored it.

That’s a shame as anyone watching this film twice would, I think, like me have an almost 180 degree opinion of it.

In the same way that Cloud Atlas blossomed for me over a period of rewatches this film felt much more sure footed and welcoming on the repeat. It is in fact far better than 15% because the first time you watch it it’s almost so audacious with unlikeable characters, a manipulative script and a story where the main character seems superfluous with events happening around him rather than too him.

On second view I realized Duncan Jones the Director was trying to show me a story that was complex, interlinked and human, but the first time you watch you are steeped in some ugly stuff thrown at you and thus angry for watching what are not easy subject matters and it buried the film for me. Without that second attempt and a chance to realize that he dares to make you feel when you watch his film, I think i would have dismissed it like others perhaps unfairly.

If you haven’t seen the film Paul Rudd plays an odious dad who the film makes you want to like and hate at the same time. It’s actually amazing in the performance and writing. His friend is a surgeon who also liked underage girls. That is where this film loses most people. It’s a horrible touchy subject but it is integral to the plot to an extent. In the end Rudd’s daughter is put in horrible danger and it’s this that imperils her, and also the last vision that her dad sees before he passes. It’s truly awful. It makes you react. But it’s also what puts everyone off.

But again it makes you feel something. A lot of films today don’t and i think we all forget what that’s like. It makes you happy that she finds a new father in the hero, content the villains got their just rewards, excited for the future but at a terrible price as it deepsixes the film in depravity and a need to shower after your first viewing because add this with the rest of the visuals and depressing nature of the film it seems that the movie has no hope.

So yes I did revisit the film and I really liked it on round 2. It still has all the same “problems” but now I see the purpose for it. That instantly helped me understand we are meant to not root for the villains…the boring, not flashy hero is meant to win and his journey be that of an Everyman who is special and wins not by being Superman but persistent and with heart and using his brains. He is also much more the master of his own destiny when you watch it again.

Paul Rudd here is brilliant. So yes I wanted his costume but round here currently I’m trying not to buy the farm so I settled on his knife with the all important holster and I’m so happy to have won it. It’s going in a deviant display ASAP

There were a number of knives for sale, a half knife for the impalement scene, a metal hero which I tend to leave as the stunts are used far more widely with the amazing chrome effect that can be achieved on props in last five years and only the two with a leather sheath.

So I’m super happy about today’s buy and look forward to getting it in the mail soon.

Give the film another look if you didn’t like it. If not there’s always the latest cookie cutter blockbuster to watch and turn off your mind too….although I’ll say “Tomb Raider” actually transcends this popcorn fixation of grand scale movies. Go watch that too.

It’s not mute. The film has a voice after all.

Battle star Galactica pilot blaster pistol closeup

Thus is a beautiful piece from Propabilia.com

An original production made resin blaster from the tv series made specifically for the Backdoor pilot mini series filmed in 2003 and then replaced by an altered version for the rest of season 1 so this is an incredibly rare piece and made more do as it has its original holster!

According to internet firearm database:

The Miniseries (gun) version had hardly any real functionality and would subsequently be redesigned almost from scratch for Season 1 when scripts required more specific actions with the guns.

Thanks to Dan for the pics of this stunning prop

“The Get Down” costumes from Screenbid & Netflix

I adored this tv show about the rise of Hip hop and the death of Disco and I bet if you give it a chance you will too. Here are a few of the amazing pieces I obtained from it.

Above is Mylene Cruises church gown and white dress. This was the scene when u knew I had to buy pieces from this series.

Watch that scene below

The Get Down church scene

The costumes and music spoke to me and I think the quality of the outfits speaks for itself. All the main character costumes were made at great expense from scratch using historical clothes as a start point but adding new facets and changing history by a few years were appropriate to tell the story.

Shaolin Fantastic is an amazing character and here elements of obi wan kenobi, Bruce lee and 80s rappers are combined to form one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in the tv show for years. He is the mentor to the band but continues to get himself into scrapes and is pulled between the poles of good and evil.

His costume consists of a custom remade men’s only leather jacket and custom 70s flared blu jeans. Sometimes he wears a custom leather Kangol and sometimes a truckers hat.

Shaolin Fantastic clip

Original Shaolin costume design

Finally Cadillac is the son of the main villain in the show. Burn and raised in the hood he loves disco and the ladies and this costume perfectly shows his style and swagger with completely custom made alligator skin suit with vest and white hat.

You can watch his dance off from Episode one here.

Cadillac dance off

Sleepy hollow: The headless horsemans costume

Over the last three months Vipauctions ran the Sleepy Hollow tv series auction and as usual a premium was put on the main villain and hero costumes which feature the heaviest.

I was a little depressed to see one of the costumes go for $5000 for the horseman and it wasn’t even complete so I set about quietly trying to piece one together. This one above had a mask, single season 4 gauntlet, S1 bandolier and missing the all important boots.

The second below had the S4 bandolier with metal shotgun shells, a green vfx hood, the boots and two things that alluded me even today the white sash and leather webbing belt from the chest. Even so I didn’t have that kind of money to ploughing into this so I sought to put another variant into effect

I suspect both the costumes above are in this pic with mine in the center as the two stunt guys Left and Right were the riding and fighting doubles.

So early on I picked up the main actors costume which eventually turned out to have been put to a few different uses.

I was then able to piece together the boots, and hand axe.


Bandolier and shotgun with holder from S3 and 4

All in all quite a long ride over 3 months. I still need the red sash, white sash, leather cross braces and to be completist the leather mask but all in all I’m pleased with the outcome and certainly a lot more reasonable price.

“Silent Hill” police uniform

Laurie Holden from tv’s “the walking dead” acted as police officer Cybil Bennett in the movie “Silent Hill” released in 2006. This was worn as she was sacrificed by fire this the shirt is burnt in various areas.

With thanks to the crew member who saved this from destruction and has been in his care since the film wrapped.