Propstop: Best of 2020 awards


1: Vipfanauctions

Although a quiet mid year for Vip the “Vikings” auction was a huge success for the company and the fans. After many years of doing things the same way (which was almost universally great) they are now opening their doors to collectors who want to sell their items. That and a whole bunch of new services and plans for late 2020/2021 make them my most user friendly and exciting business of the year and I think will bring some new opportunities ahead for many of us.

2: Propstore of London

Who are we kidding. They will always be in the top 3. As a buyer though popularity means your spending more which is not a good thing. That and some shipping issues due to covid seem to have put a damper on several readers deals but I’m sure will be dealt with in the usual way that Propstore excels at. I just wish that when it came to selling they weren’t just interested in the top two items from your collection as people are searching for a top tier company who will be interested in selling all your items. I wish also the auction start prices would just start at the opening bid. That stuff with beginning at $2500 when the real sell price is $5000, I and others I’ve spoken to find it annoying.

3: Propabilia

Propabilia has become a solid presence on eBay now that Vip has vacated that space and is now offering a load of different tv shows like Once upon a time, The Order, Into the Badlands, Van Helsing, and films like Suicide squad, Freejack, Scary Stories and they have two huge announcements coming soon. Sure he’s family…but Dan is growing his store with a consistent work ethic and reasonably priced items with great service.

Kudos also goes out to The Prop Gallery for having a genuinely solid experience and quality items for sale, the Propblock for its impressive work on the Bill and Ted auction in November and Ewbanks achieved some great prices on the Terrahawks auction during December in the UK although the mixture of fees and outside shipping made that experience tough.

So what were my favorite finds of this year? Read in for just a few of them.

“Captain Power and the Soldiers Of the Future” Power Jet xt7

Thanks to Bob this piece was elevated by some fine work repairing the wings and getting the electronics up to scratch. Some people covert an original screenused X-Wing…I love this. A one of a kind piece of television history.

“Robotjox” Apollo and Athena costumes

Purchased from a gentleman who worked on the film in LA this was a major find for me this year and a perfect part of that film that I enjoyed so much

Moons hero sword “Into the Badlands”

I loved this auction. I loved the show. Many of you have haven’t watched it but do yourself a favor it’s great. Moon is my favorite character and I adore this prop.

“Ash Vs Evil Dead” power glove

UltraFx did an amazing restoration of the glove parts and made this incredible hero piece live again. Pure eye candy.

Thanks for visiting our best of 2020. There were so many cool pieces out there in auction and private collections and congratulations to all of those people who are now the curators.

Juliens Hollywood sale 3rd December 2020

Here’s a quick pictorial look at Juliens auction that ended today. Like Propstore and profiles some great prices achieved and then some really low prices on a few items (starship troopers sniper rifle seems very low) and the odd unsold. I particularly like the Bond gun and the Original Predator 2 costume. Interestingly the Top Gun helmet barely cleared 1/3 of the price that Propstores sold for which if you were the underbidder then and bid now you got a great deal by being second.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 from your editor to our readers

Hello everyone. We tend not to do many “editorials here at the Propstop but it seems especially appropriate this year because so many people have had such an incredibly bad one. For that I’m sorry. Some of my friends businesses are suffering terribly and people I personally know have lost jobs, family members and now even the great bastions of Thanksgiving and Christmas are threatened. For those who suffer and are sad we keep them in our prayers that better days are ahead. They are coming.

Has the world of props been changed by all this. Yes…and no. Prices for Profiles were definitely down seemingly last week on many pieces. Yet Juliens earlier this year in the height of summer was firing on all cylinders. Did Vikings get effected at VIP auctions roaring back in business after moving away from eBay. That $9500 costume that sold last week proved otherwise.

Propstore had some high prices on Agents of Shield. Zak Baggins paid over fifty grand for the puppet from Poltergeist. Allegedly the helmet from Top Gun sold for over one quarter of a million dollars. All good news? Well yes. Unless your jobless, poor or unemployed.

So I do want to give thanks because I truly do something everyday I love. In essence I haven’t worked for years because of that. My job is now something I love to wake up to. It is a privilege to be able to say this.

I have become a Jack of all trades in the prop world in my time in it. This year it all clicked better than ever. I’m a paid authenticator. To have that trust of my fellow collectors I do not take lightly.

I am a seller occasionally of my collection and also assisting others in selling there own. A TV presence on “Collectors call” this years with James from the HSPPA. An interviewer/interviewee on tv, magazines, radio and podcasts. I’ve helped museums, auction houses and people in the industry identify pieces and find buyers or preserve them where they sat for the enjoyment of those who now know the importance of what they have. I have even purchased a film this Summer and sold some of the assets. This year I bought from Planet Hollywood and the wheel turned full circle after nearly 30 years of watching them from afar.

So many people I have spoken to this this 12 months seem like they have done it all and maybe have little left to prove. Perhaps the old days of the hobby are long behind us. The cheap items. The ease of finding stuff. The lack of competition. There are some very burnt out fellow collectors out there especially if they have been around since the late 90s. Talking props with your friends and colleagues is good for their souls though. And good for yours.

But for me? This year was my favorite year in all the years of doing this. That is not meant as a boast. It just happened that way with all the hard work. Life clicked.

I want to thank all those that helped make it that way. All those who showed kindness. Talked props. Gave good council. Listened to my opinion. Asked a question. Answered one. Sold something. Bought something. Took my council. Laughed with me. Told me the blog meant something to them. Gave me a chance. That last one is perhaps the biggest of all.

Next year I have a feeling will be the beginning of many new and exciting things. Things are afoot at the Circle K as we speak. Right now is not the time to talk about that but I will down the road. I will never forget those that got me here or allow me to play in this sandbox and theirs. I am truly grateful. There are so many more stories to report on and props to find. My journey is still just beginning after all these years. I give thanks to you all for being part of it.