Battle star Galactica pilot blaster pistol closeup

Thus is a beautiful piece from

An original production made resin blaster from the tv series made specifically for the Backdoor pilot mini series filmed in 2003 and then replaced by an altered version for the rest of season 1 so this is an incredibly rare piece and made more do as it has its original holster!

According to internet firearm database:

The Miniseries (gun) version had hardly any real functionality and would subsequently be redesigned almost from scratch for Season 1 when scripts required more specific actions with the guns.

Thanks to Dan for the pics of this stunning prop


“The Get Down” costumes from Screenbid & Netflix

I adored this tv show about the rise of Hip hop and the death of Disco and I bet if you give it a chance you will too. Here are a few of the amazing pieces I obtained from it.

Above is Mylene Cruises church gown and white dress. This was the scene when u knew I had to buy pieces from this series.

Watch that scene below

The Get Down church scene

The costumes and music spoke to me and I think the quality of the outfits speaks for itself. All the main character costumes were made at great expense from scratch using historical clothes as a start point but adding new facets and changing history by a few years were appropriate to tell the story.

Shaolin Fantastic is an amazing character and here elements of obi wan kenobi, Bruce lee and 80s rappers are combined to form one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in the tv show for years. He is the mentor to the band but continues to get himself into scrapes and is pulled between the poles of good and evil.

His costume consists of a custom remade men’s only leather jacket and custom 70s flared blu jeans. Sometimes he wears a custom leather Kangol and sometimes a truckers hat.

Shaolin Fantastic clip

Original Shaolin costume design

Finally Cadillac is the son of the main villain in the show. Burn and raised in the hood he loves disco and the ladies and this costume perfectly shows his style and swagger with completely custom made alligator skin suit with vest and white hat.

You can watch his dance off from Episode one here.

Cadillac dance off

Sleepy hollow: The headless horsemans costume

Over the last three months Vipauctions ran the Sleepy Hollow tv series auction and as usual a premium was put on the main villain and hero costumes which feature the heaviest.

I was a little depressed to see one of the costumes go for $5000 for the horseman and it wasn’t even complete so I set about quietly trying to piece one together. This one above had a mask, single season 4 gauntlet, S1 bandolier and missing the all important boots.

The second below had the S4 bandolier with metal shotgun shells, a green vfx hood, the boots and two things that alluded me even today the white sash and leather webbing belt from the chest. Even so I didn’t have that kind of money to ploughing into this so I sought to put another variant into effect

I suspect both the costumes above are in this pic with mine in the center as the two stunt guys Left and Right were the riding and fighting doubles.

So early on I picked up the main actors costume which eventually turned out to have been put to a few different uses.

I was then able to piece together the boots, and hand axe.


Bandolier and shotgun with holder from S3 and 4

All in all quite a long ride over 3 months. I still need the red sash, white sash, leather cross braces and to be completist the leather mask but all in all I’m pleased with the outcome and certainly a lot more reasonable price.

“Silent Hill” police uniform

Laurie Holden from tv’s “the walking dead” acted as police officer Cybil Bennett in the movie “Silent Hill” released in 2006. This was worn as she was sacrificed by fire this the shirt is burnt in various areas.

With thanks to the crew member who saved this from destruction and has been in his care since the film wrapped.

The history of clapperboards: “Superman”

Whilst not an exhaustive guide here is a smattering of my research done on Superman clapperboards last year. Some of the pictures are taken from behind the scenes footage and some from books and other research material

Here is a tiny board used for closeup work of Marlon Brando from Superman filmed in 1977.

A board with Richard Donners full name and Geoff Unsworth displayed marked Test 82. Superman had a great many costume and makeup tests done for the film.

An early test board from 7th April with black and white grade on side

This board would probably have another production under the tape. This was for a flight test.

So many tests were done that people started getting frustrated. This one has 2nd unit info on it.

6th May 1977 interior shot test 83 board. Another possible earlier production board that could have been any movie made before “Superman”

An actual production slate on a monitor marked 9-5-78 that is behind a Matt painting used to allow Chris Reeve to repair a train track with his body.

The original traveling Matt board sold at Propstore last year. The reverse was marked Superman 2 which was almost work thru. The reason is not clear but we can guess because Superman 2 was filmed at the same time so perhaps the board was made to flip for sequences in the Main standing sets (daily planet and Fortress of solitude) and this not require two boards to be held during filming.

A beautiful shot on set of yet another board being used for Matt shots with the two stars of the film.

John Mollo costume designer has died…but no one told me. A retrospective look back at a costuming genius

After I had read Brandon Alinger’s book on costumes made for the Star Wars trilogy I received for Christmas I sat back and thought about what the great talent meant to me as a child.

His costumes adorned all my action figures and fancy dress costumes. His talent was the visual mark that the trilogy, when my mind wandered too it later in life meant more to me than strangely the actors.

It wasn’t Luke’s face I remembered it was that Hoth hat…Leias Bousch disguise….Hans red dotted pant leg etc.

It sounds crazy to me that It took so long to understand but I think sitting here now I realize that’s where my love of costume originated. His work and his Crew..the detail they installed was what made me fall in love with fashion even though I have little fashion sense of my own.

It comforts me that I now know that and more so that I can write this like so many others have and say thank you to his memory.

I never knew this man but to me he was a genius and will always be remembered like so many others that have meant so much to us all.

Stan Winston, Ron Thornton, Kit West, Carlo Rambaldi, Derek Meddings, Ken True…and so many others when I see their work in visual FX, costume or makeup I’m saddened I can’t tell them how much their workday meant to me which to them must have seemed so normal and yet made our dreams come true and our lives richer for it.

Thank you all very much for your hard work. We miss you very much.