Home Alone 2 prop newspaper 

Acquired recently this newspaper was obtained from the propmaster on the project and is printed on real newsprint.

The paper can be seen in the movie in the early parts of the film.


Here are some more screenshots 
In 27 years of collecting and all available auction records this is the only one to ever come up for sale.

The paper was adapted and also used as inspiration for the movie poster below.


Original H.R. Giger “Alien” artwork to celebrate 4/26 Alien day reveal


HR Giger in his studio at Shepperton

This is the original oil pastel “rough” art created by H.R. Giger in 1978 during his stay at Shepperton studios during the preproduction of the film “Alien” for director Ridley Scott.

Found abandoned in 1980 after “Alien” had wrapped production in the studio by an employee on “Superman 2” this represents almost the final vision of Gigers famous creation before the final airbrushed version was completed. Giger denied that he worked in the form of pastel and after much research was completed over the last 20 years, several pieces from his early years came to light and it was discovered that he did work in the medium (including several published calendar images from the early 1970’s) and and at the prototype stage instead of pencils.

In this version of the art the head has been shortened from its original size, the hands repositioned with the arm and several other minor alterations.The red stenciled ALIEN 78 logo is visible on the bottom of the art such as this facehugger concept below.


In this picture taken in 1993 the art is in a plastic protection sleeve and due to being stored poorly the image of the alien had burned through over several years onto the backing paper. It has since been stored behind archival glass as a beautiful example of the production process of one of films most famous creatures.


The final airbrushed version of the artwork is presented below.


Profiles in History announces “The Hunger Games” trilogy auction


The company announced a few days ago a nearly 500 lot auction to be held next month.


There are however some serious questions about where all the other items will be sold as all of the stunt, double and duplicate costumes associated with the films are missing from the sale, and since we have already had a similar event with Blacksparrow auctions getting huge prices, and then the other items being dumped on ebay by Theme Park connections for sometimes 60% less, prospective bidders should be aware that its only a matter of time until the other items appear for a substantial discount down the road.

http://thehungergamesauction.com/ link to the main auction site.


Planet Hollywood auction scheduled for October 2016 (April fool!)


Planet Hollywood inc. yesterday announced in collaboration with “Profiles in History” of Los Angeles, CA a historic auction to take place the weekend October 15 & 16 2016 in Las Vegas of over 1500 artifacts from its vaults including props, wardrobe and vehicles from its Florida holding facility.  

planet hollywood florida. head office and warehouse facility


Sadly the years have not been kind to the brand and apart from its flagship hotel in Las Vegas many of the restaurants have either closed over the years or have suffered a steep decline in revenues as the image has not been updated since the 1990’s.

An effort to slow the problems has resulted in many changes including a decision to sell a huge portion of the collection namely select significant pieces including over 50 Arnold “Terminator” statues that many collectors have argued for years “were they real or replica”, and most surprisingly a wealth of props that were purchased for the restaurants that were displayed with plaques that typically said “as seen” or words to that effect.

Other items include several container fulls of Planet Hollywood themed gear including shirts, jackets and ephemera from closed locations like Chicago and Beverly Hills.

A huge collection of items offered include costumes that were purchased as bulk productions and never identified as well as costumes that were purchased from auctions that turned out to be fake or falsely attributed. These racks of outfits will be offered at discount prices starting as low as $1000 for a complete non descript outfit.

Whilst it’s a shame that the era may well be closing on this one time success story it’s also a happy time as people like myself who were decimated in auctions in the early 90’s memorabilia sales now get to say we outlasted the company that would routinely buy every single prop and costume available no matter the cost (or sometimes provenance)

Top bids in final week of screenused.com Icollector auction

here are the top bids as of Monday 7pm on icollector.com for the March 20th SU auction starting at 8am pacific Sunday morning. 

Get your bids in early since this is a convention based auction and if their are any problems you can’t say I didn’t tell you so. I’m not foreseeing anything but live auctions can be fickle.

Remember the opening bid IS the reserve. 

So far the top three items at number 3 is the Back to the future jacket at $3250, the Trek Kirk pants at $4500 and $6000 for the almanac from BTTF2 at $6000.


The Screenused.com March sale preview part 2

So after part 1 concentrated on lots from Saturday’s online only sale I thought we would check Sunday’s above $300 items some of which have already garnered some early bids.

Right now the number 1 item is the Back to the future 2 destroyed coat. At $2750 despite poor storage someone still wants to buy this piece of history.


From the film “Cloud Atlas” this is one of Doona Baes dresses from the middle of the film used in the run across the bridge scene.

The Dennis quaid/Paul Bettany movie “legion” is represented by this wardrobe work by ex-wonder woman  Adrienne Palicki, a waitress costume worn through out the film.

Lot 512 is a Klingon robe from Star Trek Voyager.

This robe is similar to those worn in Star Trek 3, but it is different I believe so note that if your expecting a two for one deal.

Sylvester Stallone is represented by a Judge Hershey helmet from Judge Dredd plus this John Rambo shirt from the fourth film in the popular series. This shirt is screenmstched to several scenes from the film on the riverboat and has R for Rambo embroided in the back of it.  

Lot 403 is s production made Ma robot from “Batteries not included” and is the highest bid so far with 9 days left till end of the sale at $2000. Bidders should remember that the opening bid is the SELL price in that if a bid is made and no other bids come in you could potentially be winner at that price if nobody else bids higher. No worrying about annoying reserves!

Fan favorite Arnold Schwarzeneggers hero costume from the “Last Stand” is almost complete and many of the pieces are marked as the hero main outfit.

Weapon collectors will find a couple of nice pieces including this Chemrail hero resin rifle used by various characters. Originally only 4-5 of these ended up in auction after the film and this one with working trigger, moving shoulder stock and detailed sight is one of the best examples offered.

From the 1966 film “Fantastic Voyage” this incredible gun is an amazing piece of vintage history.  

The sale starts at 8am pacific on 20 March on Icollector.com or bid in person at the scifi event itself. Bidding is open now.