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“Raiders of the Lost ark” Belloq’s head discovered

Perhaps one of my favorite pastimes is finding stuff squirreled away in peoples attics simply because I just don’t have enough money to buy at the “mega auctions” anymore. This isn’t a fault of the auction houses as such….but simply how the market has reacted over time. People want the best stuff and they are willing to pay for it.

BZEcquLCUAAQk0E.jpg largeNow searching all over the internet can be a fruitless, frustrating and thankless task. Sometimes months, years can go by with nothing particularly special showing up, but for me personally its been an exciting year with the “Live and Let die” bullet showing up, then the helmet from the “Abyss” and the “2 Guns” locker so it was nice to receive and email back from a California based contact selling items on behalf of a gentleman who had worked for ILM for a number of years in the optical department.

He as happens didn’t keep much but one of his pieces was very special being that it was from “Raiders of the Lost ark” and those kind of items don’t show up very often, if at all.

So some background. Here is the original UK I believe photo of Paul Freeman having his head casted for the end of the film.

mo_83The foam head was then sent to the USA for the ILM shots to be filmed in California. It seems that it didn’t end up being used for the final shots as an alginate head was required to be blown up by a shotgun and Chris Walas used the head and photos as reference rather than the finished article as the head had to be completely remade a layer at a time rather than cast. There were 3 of these alginate heads according to interviews and all were destroyed. below is a picture of the original mold made from the casting session above, and a finished pull.

mo_85The original plan for the head was for it to be “consumed by fire” before the decision was made to “blow it to hell” so since there is some small fire damage to the face it could have been used for this.

mo_87As can be seen in the above picture the finished alginate head ended up being more “sculpted” by freehand and unfortunately doesn’t resemble “Belloq” in the film as much as the original casting.

IMG_3796Here is the original C-stand hole on the bottom in the above photo. The original casting hole is in the top of the head.

IMG_3795The head is in the original condition used after using it in his office during production and being that its around 35 years old in pretty good shape. One of the only props kept from the career of this ILM employee who also worked on The Abyss, Star Trek, and The Last Crusade this is probably the only remaining piece from the climatic end of the film, aside from Richard Edlunds Tott skull that sold in Profiles in October 2009 for around $5500.


REVIEW: Rick Baker monster maker for a generation auction catalogue from the Propstore


  Rick Baker is a Hero to the makeup effects community and has made some of the best quality creatures and make ups since the late 70’s having worked on Incredible melting man, American werewolf in London, Congo, Men in Black, Harry and the Hendersons and Gremlins 2. Perhaps best known for his gorilla work in Mighty Joe Young and Gorillas in the mist he is the face many ascribe currently to his craft.

So when Propstore announced the U.S. Sale on California of masks and creatures there is quite the body of work to be sold from closing his workshop space.

First up there are some missing pieces. Obviously Rick wouldn’t want to keep some pieces…many from the 70’s and 80’s have deteriorated too much and some stuff was sold or donated to museums, studios and private collectors long ago.

The catalogue is gorgeous and printed on high quality paper. Holding it in your hand is much more satisfying than the online version Mark my words especially for reference purposes. This like certain editions of Cinefex is a keeper reference piece.

So what’s left. Plenty as case may be.  Check out images below for “Gremlins 2”. There are also costumes, unused pieces and full Gremlins for auction.


 The “Men in Black” section features Mikey from the first film, and various other masks and full length creatures from the sequel. There are also worm guy items for sale! 
  A couple of points. Some of the pieces has been touched up and stabilized by Tom Spina so if you want to know the full tinkering done contact propstore for your questions. 

Shipping may well be a concern too particularly as with the clay prototypes these will not travel well in shipment.
All items are to be sold without reserve but don’t expect to win something for $20 either. Rick Bakers fans are far and wide.

Congratulations on the catalogue. It’s as much a work of art as Ricks makeup.

Good luck and the sale begins in Los Angeles on May 29th 2015.

Thanks to Brandon at Propstore for the catalogue to review.

Waddingtons Canada FX Smith auction March 2015 part 1

Thr collection that Billie Jamieson had purchased for some $250,000 Canadian from Gordon Smith  was shown after his death in July 2012 at the TIFF museum in Canada in August 2012.


This exhibition really served, like the TV show “Treasure Trader” as a kind of auction catalogue of what was to come. 

The exhibition was beautifully put together and showcased the items on the show, although notable present to his girlfriend in the episide, the Wolverine gloves and claw from the first movie were conspicuous by their absence.

Waddingtons may be a famous auctioneer in Canada but not so well known here in the USA. And I felt they did a poor job publicizing the auction waiting till 3-4 days before the event before it showed up on facebook and  websites. Sadly Smith had been told some of the items would be given to Tiff for long term exhibition which did not happen. This meant his personal help didn’t seem to be given to the catalogue descriptions so much of my brothers research into the auction revealed many hidden gems. 

Here are a few of the highlights from the sale.


In some ways the highlight of the sale this  Mystique this was more than likely a test full size painted maquette which sold with fees for $8040. 

Wolverine was represented by 6 claws which were metal protoypes. These would sell for $4260. 

Some artwork prints sold for $3000. Strange as they were only limited editions and some of the original artwork from it had sold for just over $1000 earlier. 


Although not completely proven so far it looks like the above piece may be attributed to Mark “crash” Mcreery  of Stan Winston designs fame. More on this if we can get it authenticated.


Most of the items from Jacobs ladder were cut from the film or test models. A great shame.


The bird puppet, nurse horns and this particular  puppet of Elizabeth Pena was sold for $2340 and features In the film for about 0.5 seconds although a very memorable moment. 

This rather beautiful syringe set though was used in the film in perhaps one of the most disturbing moments of the film



And these horns in another shocking moment of Jacob hullucinating the nurse in front of him is a demon. 


Continued in part 2

The Gordon Smith collection of treasures from the estate of Billy Jamieson Part 1

William Jamieson should need no introduction but you probably don’t know him. I first discovered him and his fiance last year when I was doing research on various collectors all over the world. It was here that probably before anybody else I learned that Gordon Smith had sold him his collection of movie props and makeup.  Gordon was one of Canadas foremost authorities in makeup in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

I watched the video below as I hope you do….and I hope you embrace the energy and love of his passion that we all share.

Part 2 will cover what happened to the collection in the video.

July 3, 1954 – July 3, 2011

Watch the video below for Billy at his best, negotiating, finding and buying the rare and unique which he was famous for.


APRIL FOOLS 2015: Premiereprops announces summer “Face off” TV show auction 

In a surprise press announcement Premiereprops has revealed the contents of the last four seasons of the TV show are to be sold off.

In July 2015 at their location bidders will have the chance to bid on make up, creatures and casts etc from the classic series currently on scifi channel.

Talking to the producer of the show it’s clear that the building was getting very full of old molds and various other items, enough for over 1500 items meaning the sale should last a full 48 hours from beginning to end including rest breaks.

Premiereprops is known for selling off movie props and TV wardrobe. They just sold the spaceship from 2001 a Space Odessey to the Academy of Arts and crafts. Asked about the model Dennis Muren was quoted as saying “Who would want that old thing. I used it as a waste basket once.”

More news when the auction is unveiled on Icollector.  

The Treasures of Rick Baker coming to Propstore in May



A complete Mikey Alien costume display from Men In Black and a number of original Gremlins puppets are set to feature in an exclusive no reserve live auction of original treasures direct from the Rick Baker archive. The auction will be held at the Hilton – Universal City in Los Angeles and on Propstore.com on 29 May 2015.
Prop Store is pleased to present an exclusive auction of 417 original treasures from over 50 productions, spanning Baker’s 30 year career. All items have been acquired direct from Baker’s legendary Cinovation studio, material never before offered to market with a pre-sale estimated total value of $746,100.
Collectors and fans can bid at no reserve for historic material from productions including An American Werewolf in London, Planet of the Apes, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Hellboy, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Men in Black II and Mighty Joe Young.
Baker is responsible for creating effects for the 1988 Michael Jackson: Moonwalker film and the 1983 Thriller music video and items from both will feature in the live auction.
Items going under the hammer include pieces from Gremlins 2: The New Batch, featuring a number of principal Gremlin and Mogwai puppets including Lenny, Daffy, George and Mohawk. With an estimated value of at least $40,000.00, a Full-Size Alien Edgar Bug Animatronic Character created for the original Men in Black film is one of the highest valued lots in the auction.
Brandon Alinger, Prop Store COO, said: “We are delighted to offer a no reserve live auction of over 400 items direct from Rick Baker’s Cinovation studio to the public. Baker’s career needs no introduction and it’s been an honor to work with him to prepare this sale, which spans his 30+ years in the business. The Rick Baker auction is an exciting opportunity for collectors and fans of the make-up artist to have a chance to take home some of the brilliant creations from their favorite films.”
Items included in the no reserve auction:
 Frosty (Joe Sabatino) Frozen Thug Statue, Batman & Robin
 Animatronic Bat Puppet, Batman Forever
 Simba R/C Head and Remote, Gorillas In The Mist
 Complete Ape Display, Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes
 Harry Head, Hands, Feet and Muscle Suit, Harry and the Hendersons
 Grinch (Jim Carrey) Santa Costume Display, How The Grinch Stole Christmas
 Full-Size Alien Edgar Bug Animatronic Character, Men In Black
 Mikey (John Alexander) Costume Display, Men In Black
 Oversized Worm Guy Animatronic Insert Puppet, Men In Black II
 & Hammerhead Alien Figure, Men In Black II
 Hero Joe (John Alexander) R/C Animatronic Head , Mighty Joe Young

The auction will take place from 11am Pacific Standard Time on 29 May 2015 at the Hilton – Universal City, Los Angeles, USA.

Bid can be made in person, via telephone or online via the Prop Store website at http://www.propstore.com/auction.