For Sale page

Payment plans are available.

Over $400 and up to $2,000 is 3 months with 20% down. Payment plans over $2,000 are 6 months with 20% down. Non payment within 72 hours of payment date results in forfeiture of down payment.

All items come with original COA or Propstop letter of Authenticity. 

Shipping not included but we can ship USA and all over the world at your cost.

Available now 
“Pirates of the carribean”

3 crew gifts were crafted for Depp, the films director and producer. This is one of them donated to a school auction for charity. It is a replica in resin, gold effect and painted and made by the VFX department. It has a comemerative plaque and cover in glass and for the serious Pirates fan and unlike he silicon hearts will not disintegrate over time. Comes with Loa.



“Terra Nova” prop wind lamp 


Original light (supposedly wind powered in show) from the base and seen in most of the episodes. VIP auctions coa. 



“The matrix reloaded” (2002)

Merovingian shield (fibreglass) with propstop letter of authenticity. Obtained from Warner Bros sanctioned sale.



Bay watch nights clapperboard 



“400 Days” Dane Cook spacesuit 

Includes helmet, trousers, jacket, belt, gloves and boots and LOA



“A walk amongst the tombstones”

Liam Neeson jacket, shirts, trouser

Hero custom  jacket and pieces worn in the film with propstop loa $499


“The Apparition”

Signed cast chairback used by Sebastian Stan with loa $75


“2 Guns” 

Rubber stunt Denzel Washington gun  with letter of authenticity and prop masters  character listing with props 




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