Grimm prop sale scores thousands of punters but the jewels have been moved

Well I’m sorry but if you wasted your 3-4 hours in line today in Portland hoping to get hero props from “Grimm” you were mostly disappointed. 

Last week I called the sellers who kindly let me know that free cream had already been syphoned off by one of the large auction companies to be sold later this year. The other premium pieces having been taken by the studio and staff. This saved me a bunch of time and effort so I appeciate them being upfront.

That left Twitter with comments like this when people found out I guess:

Shame because I had considered driving or flying out but if I had gotten there to have this image in front of me in the rain and the news only 250 people were in the huge warehouse at a time I may have been a little surprised 

I’m sure the sale company had no idea this was coming for them at the studio where the sale was held. 

The prices were good but sadly by all accounts very little promo items were available but if you needed trinkets for the house your home you probably did very well. 

Oh well. The secret with this kind of event is that if it’s not a secret chances are you too will be disappointed by getting ones hopes up. 

A few photos follow of other items at the sale 


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