The best of the winter auction 2016 (part 2)

One day to go before the auction begins and here are our favourite items from the second part of our helpful guide.

Auctions begin on the Screenused website and NOT icollector. It’s a new system so please have some patience in case of hiccups. I’m sure if you have any Desi or Jeff will be able to help via email.

From the episode of Banshee “ways to bury a man” Lili Simmons has never looked hotter than in this two piece swimsuit and robe combination.

And in this piece from episode 3 season 2

And this from season 1.

Next up Johnny cab from the movie “Total recall” this preproduction headpiece is the first to ever come to public auction. This would make an excellent tom spina piece to be repaired and painted!

From “Captain Phillips” this beautful wadrobe set was worn by Tim hanks and is a great piece from the first encounter he has with the Pirates.

This time magazine cover was made by the printer for the  production of “Ghostbusters 2” and is a fantastic frame able piece.

From the movie “Smurfs 2” this light up hero prop wand is a stunning piece.

Used by Gargamel it has adjustable light settings in the eyes and mouth.

From the movie The Hunger Games here is Liam Hensworth’s helmet.

One of the early pieces for sale is the immortals mask from “300”. Only 30 of these were made for production and this is a great condition example.

From the “Matrix Reloaded” here is one of the shields from the Neo fight. This one is special because it’s a handheld version used by the Asian attacker pictured below with handle and padding. He eventually ends up pinned to the wall with a Sai which was another version of this rigged to the wall.

And lastly from fox tv’s “Terra Nova” here is a great piece worn by the bases resident police woman. If you want the guns guy on facebooks movie prop forum is selling those too so check that out at your leisure.

We hope you have enjoyed our look at our personal favourite lots. Screenused is a great company run by two great people Jeff and Desi.

Here at the propstop we support them because buying or selling they are top notch guys and we love to shout that out to the the community. Good business should be supported and we are proud to do our bit. 

Nuff said.


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