The best of the Winter auction (part 1)

It’s Christmas and thus auction season. Because the items in the auction don’t have screencaps I decided to cap the best ones so you can see them in the film. 

Let’s start with 

This is such a cool piece. The sword of Sinbad! Currently a steal at $125! This is so cool I might have to bid on it.

Next up Dr Quinn…medicine woman. At its height this thing was HUGE! A bona fide tv phenomenon.

This original key prop was used by one of the main characters in many stories by Joe Lando.

The following piece is a cool Tarrantino piece of set dressing. 

From the movie From Dusk till Dawn one of the shields from outside the nightclub. I believe this is one of the first of these to become available.

Another popular item in the sale are matrix props. Choose from a shield or this great sword. 

Want a sword from Spartacus. SU can help. Another stupidly cheap piece worthy of attention!

Next “the wind And the lion” from 1975!

I love this next piece. Scudders police ID from “walk amongst the tombstones” is a beautifully made prop. A great Liam Neeson piece. 

If your a predator fan then this ADI piece is a must have from The Wolf Predator.

That’s it for part 1. Part 2 tomorrow.

Remember you can prebid now or watch live Saturday on


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