Propstop Review: The Propstore of London October 2017 auction catalog

So I’m going to Seperate this review into two pieces. First up to review the work Donne on cataloging, creating and producing this latest in a series of beautifully made auction books.

Second up, a few thoughts about  our current market and although my own they encompass a huge degree of comments made to me these last few years that cannot be ignored. Indeed if your thinking it then chances are that your fellow collectors may well be doing that too.
So it’s just awesome again. Beautiful paper, clear closeup pictures taken from just the right angle, great descriptives and amazing website exclusives like the videos that take you deeper into the item. I even feel more comfortable with many of the estimates for once.

I think apart from the actual content (i.e. You may or may not like a particular film or item) this book is about as good as you could reasonably ever expect. It’s just a beautiful keepsake. Which is good because sadly most of us are never going to own the things we are being guided to buy.

It’s not Propstores fault. Problem is as sellers we all seek the best selling price. It’s typically what makes selling something you like easier. They are a business and one cannot fault a business for that much as faulting an individual for it is bloody stupid too.

The worst feeling is seeing your item that you sold for a pittance end up in an auction three months later as you were told “it’s my Grail”. Ask yourself how many times you have seen that happen. Worse…when your $500 sale ends up going for $10,000 because you were trusting to be nice. That just hardens us all as sellers.

The trouble as I see it is auctions are becoming too much about the fees. Take nearly any current auction as an example. You have you $1000 item, then your fees that now include taxes, premium, shipping and before you know it your paying $1400 or more importing something from England. Add on credit card fees or money change fees well it’s getting to the point that when you come to resell the items it’s painfully obvious that a lot of people are overpaying in their initial rush to be first to market.

The rush by companies recently to take the good stuff and hold it for their main auctions has become all to obvious. Rember waking up for screenused.coms daily listings that included top tier items. Me too. Even propstores daily items have suffered. Just open the latest catalogue and those daily items are dwarfed by it.

So as usual I’m stuck in the middle between the Rock and hard place. As a buyer and seller I hit these conflicts all the time. The conversation that may be initiated by the above comments should be open and directed at dealers but as buyers we are responsible for our actions too. When dealers do the wrong thing we should be able to call it out or discuss it, but wether we want to admit it or not there will always be a divide in this hobby between those who have money and those who don’t.

It’s not attractive to be jealous that you or I can’t afford the batpod but it’s ok to feel that way. Your only human after all.

I want all those people who can’t though to remember that all dealers obtain these items from similar places that we do. Each other, crew members, studio sales, etc. so if you want to own something great find something to trade…there are ways to your ultimate goal that do not mean spending every penny you have…just a bit of it. I do realise a batpod trade is a bit of a stretch but we all have our rosebud sled.

The market is very sludgy right now. There are a lot of buyers but a lot of them have payment plans and bigger eyes than wallets so remember this. I especially implore those who wish to jump into the market in a more “dealer” like way. It’s not easy. It’s not simple. It is in fact incredibly hard to run a business so unless you want to be like the owner of all those eBay graveyards of ex VIP/premiereprops lots that will never sell, think again. Too many speculators have been put out to dry thinking they know it all after reading a few blogs and thinking they know it all.

Thank you to Steven and Brandon for providing our review copy of the catalog.


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