Always the bridesmaid never the bride: a tale of another lost auction 

Whilst the below story might come off as a bit of sour grapes it’s merely to catalog this incredible prop from “Lord of the Rings” that represents an exciting item that went under every bodies nose Friday. Ok…maybe a little sour grapes.

Thursday night I was checking an eBay auction and under the “items you may be interested in” this knife popped up.

Many prop collectors are aware of the relative rarity of good LOTR items. Most of the armor and weapons are retained by Weta who seem to jealously guard them. An auction a few years ago of items including four from the LOTR sweepstakes in 2002 was where the main hero pieces showed up, as well as made for production (ie could have been used on screen but we don’t guarantee it) items came from the troika Brodsky collection who in turn purchased them from a replica weapons company that went out of business and were given them by weta to reverse engineer.

The 8 weapons from the below sweepstakes are show in the press rease below:

New Line Cinema and Hasbro Present Sweepstakes Event

Dates: Now Through February 9, 2004

This holiday season, Hasbro is offering consumers the rare chance to win authentic stunt props used during the filming of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Game pieces can be found inside specially marked “The Lord of the Rings” versions of Monopoly, Risk and Trivial Pursuit. Each game piece comes with a unique code that can be entered on line for entry into the sweepstakes.

Eight grand prizes will be awarded beginning December 22. Each week, a different prize will be awarded until the final prize drawing on February 9, 2004.

The grand prizes are: The Sword of Aragorn, “Strider Sword”; The Sword of Gandalf, “Glamdring”; The Axe of Gimli; The Bow of Legolas; The Sword of Frodo, “Sting”; The Sword of Eowyn; The Sword of Theoden; and The Sword of Faramir.

So you can see I was a little confused as this knife was not listed in the prizes and yet it had a coa?

The case matched the competition prizes. What was it?

After another few hours of searching I came across a single solitary write up that I’ll post below. 

So are you can see it was a sweepstakes WITH a sweepstakes and the prize this beautiful dagger which was the irrefutable proof of the link in the ownership chain.

After getting that next day I started getting screen caps and found the very best were from the uncut extended addition footage not in the original release. Here Grima sticks the knife in Saurumans back who tumbles off the tower with it in his back.


The knife was also featured in several beautiful promo shots. 


So…have no idea if the buyer did the research I did or even cared. But here it is because sadly I was the single underbidder.

Always the bridesmaid. 


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