“The Shrine” hero mask 

A few weeks back I had enjoyed “Stranger Things” on Netflix which if you haven’t watched it is a miniseries hardening back to the 80’s movies of my youth. Truly fantastic storytelling and beautifully made. 

After the show I decided to trawl Netflix for some more horror and buried in the back of the section I came across this little gem. 
To speak of it too much is to spoil it (and that wouldn’t be fair) but needless to say this 1.5 million movie played like a 5-10 million film and I loved it for what it was. 

I wrote almost immediately to one of the crew and he told me he still had one of the masks used in key scenes and on the poster which I had to have. I was absolutely awestruck when he said as a fan he would send it to me….free. 

I know….I was as gobsmacked as you probably are reading that. Who does that kind of thing anymore???? 

Well now it’s arrived from Canada and I love this piece of movie history. It’s exactly what it is…a B movie relic made to A list standing. 

Here are a few stills from the movie 

So no I’m not telling what and why …just rent it or watch it. 

Thank you so much D for making my day and passing on this fantastic item. Now I’m starting to watch more of your work and frankly what you do in these smaller budgets is fantastic. I’m a bit of a fan!

So go watch the The Shrine. It’s great.


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