The best of the summer icollector sale (part 1)

Unusually many of the top items on Screenuseds auction this summer already have high bids on them so I thought I would look through all the items that didn’t and pull out the items that are great deals or just aren’t as flashy for various reasons as the expensive pieces although deserving of attention.

First up this Spirit costume from the film of the same name is a very fair $1500. I’ve seen hats sell for $500 and this is a complete costume with the uber rare mask which there are very few in private hands. The movie has aged well…check it out.

Next up from the Bruce Willis scifi film “Looper” this is a near complete Old Joe costume with leather jacket, shirt and trousers. 

These have rarely come to market and the film has cemented itself as one of the best scifi films of recent years. A fantastic piece.

Next up we have some always propose “Lost” TV show props. These lots include one if the original golf clubs purchased from profiles in history in 2010, a chair back with the show logo, some of Charlie’s drug baggies and the best item one of Season fives original Ajira airline tickets that was used by Hurley to get back to the island.

From the 1980 movie Flash Gordon we have a very rare hawkwoman headress that  is only the second to come to auction ever. One of the dresses alone sold this year for $2000 so this is a great deal at the price.


This very rare gambling chip from Casino Royale already has a bid of $750 but it’s such a nice and rare prop I have to mention it. The 60’s movie has had very little stuff available so bid on this if Bond is your thing. 

From the movie series “The smurfs” comes a couple of stunt wands used by Gargamel. 

One lights up and one is a rubber stunt piece. This is a great hero prop as the wands were heavily used in the film.

There are a bunch of really cool xfiles costumes for Mulder. A full suit and various shirts etc. 


Lastly from “Blade Runner” a true piece of propart this is the original brass cast gun missing for many years having been in the collection of one of the films propmasters. This was used to make the holsters from the film and one if only 10 guns made for the film, the other being rubber stunt pistols and the sole working hero gun sold for $250,000 a few years ago. 

Part 2 with more lots tomorrow 


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