“Banshee” auction on Saturday 21 May 10am: The best of…

This Saturday at 10 am pacific will sell 250 plus props and wardrobe pieces from the hit Cinemax show. Currently about 25% of the items have early bids but here are some cool deals on pieces that have been missed!
Bear in mind many of these items have been bookmarked so people ARE aware of them and may bid them up on the day of the sale….but if they forget or have connection problems you could get an amazing deal on these pieces of Banshee TV show history.
First up is the blade used by The Albino, one of the mini villains of Season 1. This is when Banshee as a tv show took off for me. An amazing prop that when people know the scene and the character will make fans jaws hit the flaw!

Second is this.

 This knife is used by one of the secondary characters Alex long shadow and is his personal ancestral blade used in a key scene. A great character and a strong piece to frame up!

Next is Burtons suit. He is the heavy in the four seasons of Proctor and let his glasses come off and his real demeanor show at your peril 

If you don’t get this get his tomahawk. That’s an incredible piece of weaponry used in the fight people say defined the show.

Next up 


Carries costume from the season 2 finale. Great character…awesome outfit. Nuff said.

Chayton necklace. One of the best villains on Banshee. Worn a lot. Great piece.

Colonel Stowe, the villain from season 3 and screen capped to the episode he loses his finger. 

Lastly jobs custom computer screen is a cool hand made prop!

There are a load of other items from all the main characters and this is your only chance to buy this much stuff in one place all with a screenused coa. 

Bidding is open now so get your prebids in!

Good luck.



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