Original H.R. Giger “Alien” artwork to celebrate 4/26 Alien day reveal


HR Giger in his studio at Shepperton

This is the original oil pastel “rough” art created by H.R. Giger in 1978 during his stay at Shepperton studios during the preproduction of the film “Alien” for director Ridley Scott.

Found abandoned in 1980 after “Alien” had wrapped production in the studio by an employee on “Superman 2” this represents almost the final vision of Gigers famous creation before the final airbrushed version was completed. Giger denied that he worked in the form of pastel and after much research was completed over the last 20 years, several pieces from his early years came to light and it was discovered that he did work in the medium (including several published calendar images from the early 1970’s) and and at the prototype stage instead of pencils.

In this version of the art the head has been shortened from its original size, the hands repositioned with the arm and several other minor alterations.The red stenciled ALIEN 78 logo is visible on the bottom of the art such as this facehugger concept below.


In this picture taken in 1993 the art is in a plastic protection sleeve and due to being stored poorly the image of the alien had burned through over several years onto the backing paper. It has since been stored behind archival glass as a beautiful example of the production process of one of films most famous creatures.


The final airbrushed version of the artwork is presented below.



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