The best of the March 2016 auction @icollector Part 1

So another year rolls around and here we have part 1 of a multi part look at some if the best and most interesting items in the Screenused  March auction coming up later this month taking place at the Silicon Valley comic con.

First up in honor of the Banshee tv series auction in May there are 3 items for fans of the TV show including the piece below.

(Cinemax, 2013) This outfit was acquired by the production for use by Matthew Rauch as “Clay Burton” in the season one episode titled “Meet The New Boss”. The outfit consists of a matching suit jacket and pants, made by Boss, a pink long sleeve button down shirt, black leather belt, a pair of Giorgio Brutini size 10.5 shoes and bow tie. The bow tie was also worn with other outfits. This will be the only Burton costume offered as part of the ScreenUsed Banshee auction in May with the correct matching bow tie.

Nice thing about this is its one of the few complete outfits from the character that will ever be sold. Burton is one of tv’s most interesting villains so if you haven’t checked out the show you simply must do so. 

Next up is Aeryn Suns (Claudia Black) top from the TV show “Farscape”. Pieces from the show have always done well at auction and rarely resold once people bought items through the “creation” convention auctions online.


The following lot from Muppets most wanted are pretty cool…a newspaper with the main muppet villain Constantine.

Terra nova fans are well served with costumes and props worn by Stephen Lang as Cmdr Taylor, the boss of the base thrust backwards in time to the land of the dinosaurs. First up two costumes worn in various episodes:

And secondly his metal etched dog tags again used in several episodes.



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