“The Thing” art of Ploog special edition artbook and storyboard special kickstarter review

Mike Ploog worked in the movie industry after working in comics heavily during the 1970’s on Ghost Rider and Daredevil. 

By his account, he has worked in post-production on the movie Ghostbusters (“All that stuff you saw on cereal boxes are my paintings”) and with film director Ralph Bakshi on the animated features Wizards, The Lord of the Rings, and Hey Good Lookin’. He was production designer on Michael Jackson: Moonwalker(1988), and has storyboarded or done other design work on films including John Carpenter’s The Thing,  Superman II,  Little Shop of Horrors and The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and, he says, several Jim Henson Company projects, such as the films The Dark Crystal  and Labyrinth and the TV series The Storyteller.

So a man with such rich history in the film world without a celebration of his work in book form was sorely lacking in fans collections. 

Make no mistake not only did the kickstarter come thru and deliver with flying colors but this is one of the finest hardcover books I’ve ever owned. Exquisite would be a good choice of word.

The packing was equally perfect as the shot above illustrates. The perks included a signed werewolf print and the storyboard book below. 

We early adopters got the set for just under $400. Copies of the set have already been selling for 2-3 times that.

The book itself is a wealth of imagery and the care gone into making this by FPG in Pittsburgh is astonishing. It’s truly a special piece. 

My version was the special “Thing” movie edition and of course came with a seperately packed one of a kind storyboard with all the characters from the arctic base in a custom folding sleeve drawn in pencil.

So have to say as my first kickstarter experience I had a great time with it. Congratulations to everyone involved on this great endeavor.


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