“Rambo” costume worn by Sylvester Stallone arrives from Heritage auctions 

So I really had to commit pen to paper (digitally) to commend Heritage auctions again for the completion of my order to buy the Rambo costume Sly wore in part 4 of his second most beloved franchise after “Rocky”

You may remember the concern I had about the shirt not matching other color variations in the catalog pictures. Well don’t worry…in person the shirt matches all the others perfectly.

First up everything came in a garment bag, the zipper adorned with Stallone auction tag. A coa endorsed by Sylvester hoping we enjoy the item, the placards from the exhibition with a picture of the item from the film and invoices…all perfectly packed and shipped for $30 in a few days.  

As I suspected the sand colored shirt indeed had #1 written inside as did the trousers. The under shirt was the correct color despite the auction catalog having some color correction….and no slice marks unlike the ones sold in the last half of the sale where they were converted to have squibs fired through them. 

Best of all the blue shirt that ended up in the lot was marked with a cotton sewn “R” right in the neck. Boy was that cool to see. R for Rambo.   

What a tremendous experience. Thank you Heritage and Allison in the sales department for facilitating this. To think that this shirt below went for $4,000 by itself….well I’m happy as a Mr Stallone headed for Oscar glory!



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