“Rambo”:  Stallone’s screen worn hero outfit from Sly’s personnel collecton.

Buying smart. That should be the main headline of this write up.

I’ve already described how the Heritage auction for Sly Stallone had some amazing hidden pieces amongst the expensive obvious lots but this piece above was always on my top three shortlist. Just how good it was I wouldn’t know until I received pictures from the auctioneer.

The lot specifically stated it had an extra blue shirt with it and of course knowing the pictures and film this was not the shirt seen in any way with this outfit. Of course it was an error and confirmed after reviewing these pictures from the auctioneer.

  It’s actually this shirt that sold for $2000 in the sale by itself! That is the blue shirt worn in the first half of the film.

What was very nice in that picture from Heritage also was the shot inside the shirt which wasn’t available in the catalog, showing a rather large “#1” revealing that beige shirt was the hero shirt worn in the film. 


So there you go. Obviously I was ecstatic to be able to win these and very grateful that Heritage was able to offer me as the under bidder the piece…doubly so for the great deal!

Interestingly the fate of said biege shirt is never revealed in the film. A case of there it is and then disappears! Why? Well the behind the scenes below reveals all.



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