Heritage auctions presents: the best auction catalog ever made. Period.


In a year of superlative auction catalogs from Propstore and Profiles in history who would have thought that Heritage auctions like Rocky himself would come into the ring and after changing dates on the sale and giving themselves a few months extra time to prepare, made this outstanding knockout blow. In short in my eyes, they have produced the best looking entertainment catalog ever made. 

Those are 25 years in the business eyes too.
You can argue price and estimates all you want but for sheer number of quality items, clear photos and great descriptive write ups it’s fantastic. The lenticular cover is cool too!

The thing that makes it special though is two fold. The lay outs with their flare, fold out gatesleeves and Hollywood stylings are phenomenol but the heart and soul of Stallone speaks volumes in his personal recollections of nearly all the key items. It’s simply great to know which items he had on set with him the most and background history related by the actual guy who not only held and wore them on set but also curated them for his own personal collection. 

It is in short a true collection of hero props since he clearly selected only the best and most worn item to take home with him. In a world currently inundated with stunt, backup and unused items in sales this is the real deal folks.
So…if it isn’t clear by now I loved this thing. Catalogs are the things we decide to mark our territory on. They are the device we time travel back to our past defeats and glories and remember for good or bad. They are the authenticity in our memories and our physical link to the historical items we may never hold but yet get to cherish as the camera never settles on them long enough to enjoy and yet here we get to peruse that picture and covert it.

$75 may seem a lot but this should be in everyone’s collection and takes over its place from 1991’s Bonhams Dr Who Catalog as my personal favorite catalog ever. It’s impossibly good.

My thanks to Eric Bradley at Heritage auctions for the review copy of the book.

I leave you with a personal quote from one of Sylvester Stallones biggest fans. It does explain why amongst the pretenders he has lived on in showbusiness and fans hearts for his whole career…and why bids are already off the charts on some items. 

It’s also why your going to probably lose the item you want to bid on. It’s not the movie…it’s the man that inspires his fans.

“Sly inspires fans to be healthy, your never to old to be in shape but most of all to never give up on what you want to achieve in life”

Paul Wintner, Fan #1


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