Winter auction: another look at more items (part 2)

Since we did a small look at some of the items in the sale I thought since this sale is twice as big as usual lets look at more items that may be of interest to bidders.

First up as we go into the final week of bidding the number 1 item is the Klingon costume used in various episodes of “Star Trek” including “Voyager”. Its not my costume but I 100% can couch for those labels being put on top of other labels in that costume. We have discussed this before on Thepropstop and this was proven done by the “Trek” costume department so buy it and peel away the history. Who knows what other names will be revealed!

xmen10Clynell Jackson is mentioned in part of the costume and he was in DS9 “Apocalypse rising” and the “Voyager” episode “The Expanse”. Those are two episodes not even mentioned on Here he is in full Klingon makeup below.

xmen12The second highest item at $2000 is this Rollerball jersey from the original 1975 movie.

This Madrid team jersey was custom-made by the production for use by stuntman “Craig Baxley” during filming of the first rollerball match between Houston and Madrid. The green and white #1 jersey is distinctive as it is seen worn by the “#1 Motorcycle driver”. Wear is present and expected, but the jersey remains in very good condition.

xmen11Now high bids are not necessarily the end result of the day of sale. To see items that haven’t been bid on that people will be bidding on next week simply search by number of bookmarks on Icollector. That story is very interesting in that the top two bid on items are further down the list in interest.

Top three bookmarks are:

Jon Maclane wrist watch from “Die Hard”

xmen14The MAX HULC suit from Elysium we covered a few days ago. Opening bid on that is $20,000.

ELYSIUM-weta-propsThirdly the Howard the Duck miniature we covered the other day a well. The minium bid on that has been met and will sell at $325 unless someone bids more.

This “Star Wars” Death Star section starting at $6000 is another noteable inclusion to that list.

xmen15So far the most number of hits is for the R2D2 and the landspeeder which in my opinion although Screenused on tv really are just replicas of the original million dollar pieces (if they came to auction) so are of little interest to most propcollectors….but in a time when Star Wars is the talk of the town they are pulling in the punteres.

After that comes the BTTF licence plate starting at 12k, the Jokers long barrelled pistol which is priced to sell currently at $900 seen below, and the $3000 Yoda head.

Any other items worth looking at in this writers opinion? Well thats a REALLY cheap full Spartan costume for $2000 from “300”  that a few years ago may have pulled in over $6000. The nanite injector from “I Robot” is a cool key prop for $700 opening. I have a soft spot for Nancy Allen so the “Robocop 2” helmet is a steal at $300. The sheer volume of “Trek” panels surely means a few will go pretty cheap. Some of them I’ve never seen on the market ever before.

If you liked “Cloud Atlas”, or enjoy the Wachowski brothers films the two pieces in the sale from that picture are major wardrobe pieces including the hand knitted scarf worn by Halle Berry in many key scenes and the custom dress worn by Sonmi in the future scenes.

normal_CloudAtlas_7250I also loved this Godzilla 1997 clapperboard as its ununusal in that the letters were velcro’d on….why? Because of all the night shoot and rainfall sequences that would have washed the letters away otherwise.

xmen17So there you have it. A few more things to ponder on before the sale coming up a week on Friday and Saturday. Stay tuned for the results on the auction with Thepropstop!


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