winter 2015 auction highlights 

This winters catalog showcases another wonderful selection of contemporary affordable prop and wardrobe items gathered together for collectors to potentially win at auction.

Items can be bid on starting now and include some of our favorite items below:

First up  

This is one of the licence plates from the flying Delorean in “Back to the future 2”. Although pricey at $12,000 this is an authentic and rare piece of history from the Universal studio movie obtained from the propmaster.

Batman fans will be well served by the only piece of  “The Bat” from “Dark knight rises” suspected to be in private hands. In a well publicist YouTube video this very piece of wing is seen stuck off the plane when it hits a pole in downtown Pittsburgh by accident. The vehicle was turn hastily repaired but this piece was left off and ended up left behind by production.

“Saw” puppet. Not much to say. An expensive $12,000 puppet from one of the most famous movie franchises to come out in last 10 years. Actually now I think it’s a pretty fair price seeing the opening bid gets it.

Original “Star trek” inflatable tribble from Desilu series. This piece was made by prop man Jim Rugg and is one of three known to exist. Having watched the episode several times I believe this white tribble can actually be seen in the plastic tribble cannister in several shots right near the bottom…it’s simulated breathing seemingly making the whole pile move.

According to the information I’ve checked on this piece it was kept by a crew member and is one of the 2 principle clapperboard a made for production and turn signed after filming by Mike Meyers. A standout piece. 

Wolverines gloves from “Xmen”. From the first film these are a hero pair of Wolverine gloves used by Hugh Jackman. Due to the budget very few battle suits were made so these are very rare custom gloves made to have the claws put through them.

“Howard the Duck” movie miniature. Ilm models are rare enough…even more so for this film. A great find!

I have such a history with these Exo suits from “Elysium” that to see one that I didn’t witness put together is always cool. It’s also amazingly complete! The picture just tells the story so if you have money and love of the film this is a no brainier. Comes on its own custom base.

Screenuseds two day sale begins Friday November 20th and concludes Saturday 21st both days at 10am Pacific. Further details can be gotten from


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