Press misrepresents Juliens auction “Scarface” rifle with Screenused launcher 

The press is never one to worry about bending the truth and as usual here is a prime example.


Newspapers in the UK are advertising the sale of Tony Montanas rifle as being the entire prop from the film when in fact it’s just the grenade launcher that was used on screen. 


As the below screen so shows this item has been availsble for months on the “Golden closet” website with no buyer. 


The piece specifically here is explained in full with its heritage showing the grenade launcher being described as attached to a non firing replica.

Here is the internet story from The Mirror that any reader would assume the entire gun is the screenused original.

And another from the register. 

What is also disturbing is Juliens seems to endorse this with the following from their Twitter account 

Description from the Juliens auction site:


I also discovered this sale in 2010 which may or may not be the same item$25,000-little-friend—Scarfaces-gun-stars-at-auction/

I only thought this should be brought up as it is an iconic prop and certainly one I have followed for years. If it truly is worthy of a high price it should speak for itself rather than be embellished in such a way that detracts from the reputation of the sellers when they did such a good on of originally establishing it.   


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