Huge “Falling Skies” spoilers for final episode revealed by upcoming movie prop auction

HUGE SPOILERS…..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






whip31Well in the penultimate episode of falling skies John Pope was blown up by some carefully placed red barrells that went off leaving neigh trace of a body. Anyone who watches network tv knows that of course means he isnt dead at all and this auction listing on the Premiereprops “Falling skies” auction proves it.

whip32In this listing Popes costume for Episode 10 is revealed….burnt…..bloody with bullet holes BUT unbowed. So let me guess now the ultimate tv cliche can be fulfilled…..Pope can die saving the man he hates Tom Mason.

Sorry guys…..cliche-ridden this show has become.

In extra news another character will get pregnant again because of the included pregnancy pad with the costume.

So there you have it…..certainly underwhelming which is a shame as the show held great promise with good actors but the budget limitations of 2.5 million an episode only stretched so far and 5 showrunners over 5 years REALLY didn’t help either as the story became somewhat diluted.


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