Waddingtons Canada FX Smith auction March 2015 part 1

Thr collection that Billie Jamieson had purchased for some $250,000 Canadian from Gordon Smith  was shown after his death in July 2012 at the TIFF museum in Canada in August 2012.


This exhibition really served, like the TV show “Treasure Trader” as a kind of auction catalogue of what was to come. 

The exhibition was beautifully put together and showcased the items on the show, although notable present to his girlfriend in the episide, the Wolverine gloves and claw from the first movie were conspicuous by their absence.

Waddingtons may be a famous auctioneer in Canada but not so well known here in the USA. And I felt they did a poor job publicizing the auction waiting till 3-4 days before the event before it showed up on facebook and  websites. Sadly Smith had been told some of the items would be given to Tiff for long term exhibition which did not happen. This meant his personal help didn’t seem to be given to the catalogue descriptions so much of my brothers research into the auction revealed many hidden gems. 

Here are a few of the highlights from the sale.


In some ways the highlight of the sale this  Mystique this was more than likely a test full size painted maquette which sold with fees for $8040. 

Wolverine was represented by 6 claws which were metal protoypes. These would sell for $4260. 

Some artwork prints sold for $3000. Strange as they were only limited editions and some of the original artwork from it had sold for just over $1000 earlier. 


Although not completely proven so far it looks like the above piece may be attributed to Mark “crash” Mcreery  of Stan Winston designs fame. More on this if we can get it authenticated.


Most of the items from Jacobs ladder were cut from the film or test models. A great shame.


The bird puppet, nurse horns and this particular  puppet of Elizabeth Pena was sold for $2340 and features In the film for about 0.5 seconds although a very memorable moment. 

This rather beautiful syringe set though was used in the film in perhaps one of the most disturbing moments of the film



And these horns in another shocking moment of Jacob hullucinating the nurse in front of him is a demon. 


Continued in part 2


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