APRIL FOOLS 2015: Premiereprops announces summer “Face off” TV show auction 

In a surprise press announcement Premiereprops has revealed the contents of the last four seasons of the TV show are to be sold off.

In July 2015 at their location bidders will have the chance to bid on make up, creatures and casts etc from the classic series currently on scifi channel.

Talking to the producer of the show it’s clear that the building was getting very full of old molds and various other items, enough for over 1500 items meaning the sale should last a full 48 hours from beginning to end including rest breaks.

Premiereprops is known for selling off movie props and TV wardrobe. They just sold the spaceship from 2001 a Space Odessey to the Academy of Arts and crafts. Asked about the model Dennis Muren was quoted as saying “Who would want that old thing. I used it as a waste basket once.”

More news when the auction is unveiled on Icollector.  


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