Review of the Theme Park Connection auction March 2015

Wow…..Around 3 short weeks from conception to realization. How many of you out their got that?

Now whilst there were a few bumps in the road the sheer fact that an auction was pulled off in such a short amount of time with nearly 200 bidders from Spain, UK, USA, Germany, Ireland and more, some 400 items all authenticated and photographed and with detailed listings. I would think anyone would tip their hat to that.

Having run several conventions for charity in London and the UK in the early 1990’s that took some 6 months of organization so its just really cool that Brian and Paul pulled this off with their teams help.

So….how did things go.

Well surprisingly some big bidders turned out.

The Superman costume sold for $30,800 including premium which pleased the seller.

21756536_1The Abyss helmet sold for $16,500 with premium.

image(5)The Freddy Kruger mask sold for $4,400. Amazing for a stunt mask.

21795839_1My favorite piece the Bane costume sold for $3,300 and the Beaver puppet for $2750. All these prices I believe are around what they would have gotten in Premiereprops or Screenused events.

So what were some of the comments made about the sale by various people. Here are some of them:

“really impressed with what you guys pulled together in such a short time. Amazing”

“The Auction seemed go  really smoothly.. Super Congrats to you guys!”

“Congrats for the auction guys …. as Paulie said, incredible for the short time to push it up.

“I saw no issues with the bidding platform, and unlike other auctions no prices being played with…i.e. no raising up bidders artificially. Awesome.”

“Fun auction guys, I got a cool piece i can’t wait to get”

“The no audio was annoying but everything else went smooth and pretty quick which us always good. The i collector software is cool too in that it shows the bidders location so you get a rough insight into who it could be from on here!”

“Little bit too long…and a lot of unsold items…you need someone talking about the props”

So lets address these.

First up this was the VERY first event done by Theme Park Connection. It was put together very quickly. It was a learning process. I’m sure Brian would agree with that. The plus marks are that its much easier to know next time what people are looking for, and to not carry those items they are not.

The big issue though from my perspective was premiereprops having a sale the same day, pretty much splitting the audience but also this last month has had the following:

VIP Chappie auctions, VIP Hot tub auctions, Enders game 2 week auction event, Juliens spring auction, Screenused,com March auction, Bonhams LA, Blacksparrow scifi auction…and Laika a few weeks before that in February.

I think you will agree that would empty anybodies pocket book. That and its tax time.

So yeah it was too much. Im not surprised that there were more than usual unsolds BUT next time will be hopefully not surrounded by competition from EVERY angle. Talk about the Alamo!

So what else was commented on above. People have asked for a commentator or auctioneer. Its been mentioned 3-4 times so far so I know TPC is looking into that.

Slightly shorter sale. Well that equals 6.5 hours for 388 items which is 1.02 minutes per item. That’s actually very good…but the number of items is probably too many. Either that or an aim of 45 seconds per item.

Too many auctions. See above.

Couldn’t get my consignment in. Well it was very busy over there last week and things may have slipped thru the crack. Try them again and give the benefit of the doubt. Most auction houses won’t take anything 1.5 months before the sale….let alone a week before.

So there you have it. Now once the items are in peoples hands and seller paid this is closed out and on to the next. So. from my perspective so far a complete success.

I want to thank all of you out there who were positive towards the event. Being on the sides and unofficially advertising it thru social media and the forums was the very least I could do after being asked. I’m proud of what was done by everybody and even more pleased that you all pretty much responded positively to the effort.

Thank you so much for keeping the faith and to Brian and Paul for asking me to join the party with my small efforts.

Until next time…..


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