A look at the best items in Theme Park Connections first Icollector.com event March 28th 2015

So with a little under the week I thought it would be a great time to go through some of the better items in the TPC auction this Saturday and go into a little more detail about them.

First up what is great about what TPC is trying to do with these sales?

In a world where other auction houses from Bonhams, Premiereprops (23%), Profiles in History (23%) etc are running
escalating amounts for the buyer having a 10% buyers premium has been unheard of for quite some time.

Also instead of taking just any old tat from antique stores and not doing the research TPC has worked with some of the longest running and newest collectors of today, but also heavily involved them with descriptions, picture taking and authentication.

TPC has worked hard on ebay with Disney to build up a sterling reputation, and have consistently met the demands of its bidders there, even though they are sometimes running 600-700 items a week on its memorabilia sales. Since selling items from Lionsgate with the first “Hunger Games” sale TPC has turned out to be a quick shipping, reliable, communicative company who after some baby steps has proven to its buyers and consignors they take props and wardrobe very seriously.

So with some 300 items currently up I asked some of the consignors for some stories, and for some information of some of their favorite pieces in the sale.


First up is this complete Screenused flying rig Superman costume from the Bryan Singer movie. Seeing that one sold here in Profiles in History auction for $59,000 including the premium this is a steal. Due to the system TPC has in place the opening bid is the reserve, $28,000 it can be yours on a beautiful custom base.

Next up is this hero Chakram from “Xena” Warrior princess.


Over the years I have seen these sell for huge amounts at conventions, but one sold at Profiles in History 2011 sale for $3500. At the charity events I remember one selling for $10,000 at the height of Lucy Lawless’s popularity. This is a beautiful one and framed for even greater impact.

For fans of Prop weapons, or Denzel Wahington two of his prop guns from “2 Guns” are available.


This one comes with original propmasters photo from the production and was obtained from a stash of items from the movie found in a storage locker. This is one of the screenused pieces used by Denzel Washington and features the custom Texas grip handle seen in the film.


Tom Hanks fans will not be disappointed with this original screenused jumper from “Castaway”. In the film Hanks (Chuck Nolan) is marooned on a desert island and crashed wearing this jumper in the ocean.


Many props in the auction have an accompanying display or they are mounted. This is a beautiful example from
Tim Burtons “Big Eyes” of how a somewhat boring licence plate can suddenly become a beautiful present or an object to talk about in your office, or living room.


Perhaps one of the most talked about pieces in the sale is this relic from James Cameron’s “The Abyss”, a very rare Deep Sea helmet, backpack and chestpack which has never come to sale before. This amazing piece of art is expected to sell between $15-20k but was recently discovered in a storage vault in Los Angeles, California.


Although missing a few detail pieces it is in amazing condition and this particular piece has been unseen since 1988.


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