Enders Game Propstore week 1 results, who won what etc.


So now I have the whole spreadsheet you can see the results of week ones Flash suits and gun sales.

Well as usual….Im not sure people thought with their brains. Loads of people got into bidding battles and the spreadsheet pretty much shoes that everyone who got a suit didn’t bid again. As new bidders came in….they pretty much bid up the ones who hadn’t won anything.



so far bidder 238 has won the Salamander Petra stunt outfit for $925 (Lot 132), lot 161 an incomplete flash suit for $270 and then was the underbidder on Lot 94, 142, 152, 159, and 196. Someone give this guy a break so he can stop bidding people up!

Anyway break down the numbers yourself. The pattern is really interesting and shows the golden rule. There is no one who wins bigger at an auction than the auctioneer…especially if two people duke it out instead of being smart and letting it go…and going for the next one.


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