The Propstore Enders game auction: Current results & how to bid

Hmm…so this is a great auction to be able to talk about qty versus buyers and more importantly not to overpay for something.

First up Propstore has done a great job of taking pictures, making accurate descriptions, and generally laying out the auction in a clean and easy to understand way.

I must admit that I hadn’t really been on the receiving end of the “extendo-auction” as I call it. Now I see it in play its VERY annoying. Every bidder waits until the last 10 seconds and then guesses where to place it, automatically extending it 2 minutes for each bidder. Since the previous bidder will increase his bid that ALSO extends it 2 minutes…meaning four minutes lost of your life.

Now the argument can be made at least you won’t be losing something out of choice, but what I have seen so far is some of the more laughable bidding wars in recent years, especially with 1 or 2 of the suits that just went into cloud cuckoo land. Why? Because there were always more on the way…and lo and behold we got 5 more in one day.

So whats the smart move? Well frankly from this point on anybody spending more than $1000 on a suit isn’t doing themselves any favor. Lets look at the hard numbers.



This is my own specially made up spreadsheet to help me see any bidding patterns and generally compare and contrast items.

Why are some of the areas blank? Well as Brandon at Propstore said they are having troubles with the program so unfortunately unless you bid or wishlist the item you cannot return to get finishing bids or sales amount. If you have that info on anything missing please let me know and I can correct the spreadsheet.

As you can see from Lot 42 the ASA launchie suit all hell broke out between 2 bidders at around the 3k mark and both sat their and “launched” it up to $7100. This was very silly as the current auction still has another similar costume for Ender at lot 152, and a stunt at Lot 256. Do you think the winner of the $7100 will be bidding? Not likely meaning that the second costume could come in the $2000-3000 mark, unless new blood enters the auction. Right now with 269 or so bidders seemingly registered (you can see the bid numbers on the bidding screen representing your name when you bid with a star next to it) and around 50 more suits to go…well you get the picture.

Look its not my business to tell you how to spend your money. The Propstops mission when it was set up was no advertising, and be fair and honest. But it was also set up to educate, and to help people so if this information helps you be a better bidder and get one of these at a fair price….more’s the power to you.

So…what is a fair price. Well quite a few of the suits have stunt rigging in them..some more obvious than others. Some have no helmets. Some are early test suits made and unfinished. Some have guns.

Bernard stunt suit with holes in legs

Bernard stunt suit with holes in legs

If you just want a background costume I think the prices will stabilise around $800-900. This is a fair price.

If you want a stunt main character I would argue that they aren’t worth anymore as they aren’t starworn. A main character piece will be around the $1000-1200 mark but again you have to look inside the costume. The following piece lot 152 is marked as Asa Butterfield on the heading but the actual costume pictures are marked stunt Ender Alicia. Only the helmet and yellow pad pieces are hero. So really its not really a total hero….but its not a zero either.

Since the guns are selling for around $300-400 for stunt and $800-1000 for resin pistols again this may help you decide….but if you don’t need a gun then the best way to go is not to buy a helmet separately but buy the full costume. Today a helmet alone sold for $1150….the cheapest complete costume of the day $725 with the helmet.

Buy smart readers and you will have wonderful customer service from Propstore, and you won’t be mad at spending $1500 when you could have gotten something else for a little over half that.

Your only enemy in this sale is thinking you have to get this suit…when you have plenty more behind it. Worry about overpaying on the final two days of the auction, if you were silly enough to wait that long. The minute you get into a bidding war with someone you are the one at the disadvantage. Remember I very much doubt people will be displaying one of each color in their living room. Once the bidders are out of the equation typically the law of supply and demand kicks in. As we can see today… definately has started so why reignite a flame proceeding downwards.

We will update this story as the auction progresses.

For more information on the helmets from the film see here:


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