“Live & let die” Shark gun pellet & fin.

Hot on the heels of our shark fin find from Roger Moore’s first film comes this truly beautiful little prop from “live and let die”

Obtained from the shark sequence director of the production it was presented to him by Derek Meddings who both worked on the aborted scene involving an animatronic rubber shark which refused to act and looked in the words of Bill the shark expert on set “awful”. 

The original script as a pre-cursor to the same thing happening to Dr Kananga called for Roger Moore to stuff the shark bullet into the attack sharks mouth and it would swim off and explode. When the scene didn’t work, the expanding shark belly looking more funny than deadly, the “Sofa” explosion was used instead to explain the compressed co2 bullet. 

Kananga’s explosion puppet

When Meddings left the usa he gave the bullet and shark to the now owner who would keep them as momentos and a few years later used the fin on his Shark movie which he directed. 

Derek Meddings on set

Kananga as played by Yaphet Koto plays around with one of these bullets for literally his whole end scene, constantly playing with it in his fingers. It’s rather satisfying that his demise comes at his foolishness at leaving it within magnetic watch range.

This little metal work of art is so beautifully crafted on a lathe I presume. There are a couple of little tells in it which I shall keep to myself but the hole in the top is one of the more obvious ones that can be seen on the screencap.

This hole could have been decorative but I suspect in a seen when the metal bullet is magnetized off the table this is where the fishing wire was attatched IF that is how the Vfx shot was achieved.

I want to thank Ms Geffe for her fast shipping and Mr Geffe for the incredibly detailed and notorized COA which was recieved with these items.

Obviously Bond props have gone silly at the market place in recent years. In 2012 at the Christies sale the Solex from “Golden gun” went for over $90k and the shuttle from Moonraker for over $100k. I truly am very honoured to have been sold this piece considering how rare really good items from the films have been to locate.


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