“2 Guns” prop bonanza shows that storage auctions can be a gold mine

Not necessarily a movie I set out to see in theaters I thoroughly enjoyed it on my first viewing, after I had already purchased most of the key props from it.

Thanks to my ever vigilant brother he had seen the sale and contacted me so after talking to the seller it appears he had won it at a California storage unit sale. These sales are for storage units that remain unpaid for so the monthly dues are totaled and then the locker sold, the balance going to the owner and the storage location. In this case the entire contents of the locker housed the props from the Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg film. 

Some of my favorite items are personel to Denzel. His earing for instance shown below.

And his gold cross both played in gold.

But of course it’s his rubber gun that is a beautiful prop, and I have his gun from the beginning, middle and end.

First up his pistol from the bank heist

Next the Ruger revolver with Texas star handle.

And lastly the pistol from the end of the film shoot out.

I’ll have more props from this find in the coming weeks. 


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