Aliens & James Bond Riverside studios Bonhams auction catalog


If you do a websearch on Riverside studios Bonhams auction of 1987 apparently it never happened. I bet most collectors on the forums and facebook haven’t either so its my pleasure to open up the paperwork vault and bring you pictures of the auction that so many people would wish they could go back in time too.

The event was held Monday 3rd August in 1987 at 3pm. Talking to a few colleagues on the MPF Tim Lawes of the Propstore of London was in attendance as was David Oliver of “The Twilight Zone” now “Propmasters”.


Up to item 36 are items from “The Jewel of the Nile” including Michael Douglas’s famous white suit.



The next items are Bond related.


The front cover showed various items including the Clown costume from “Octopussy”, the Ringmaster and the cannonballer.



Im sure you will agree those are some eye openingly good pieces.

No…your eyes are not deceiving you. That stunt cannonball suit sold for 95 pounds or around $150.00


I believe the Dalton costume is this one that sold for around $550…with a Jereon Krabbe costume.


Grace Jones costume pictured by Bonhams here sold for around $700. The cop is from “View to a kill”


More Bond overstock below and then onto “Aliens” bottom right.


Yes…that Gorman complete costume sold for 75 quid…..about $140 dollars.


So thats 5 Gorman costumes total. Then the complete armor costumes with shirt and trousers, Helmets etc are listed as 2 Hicks, 1 Hudson, 1 Dietrich, 1 Frost.

There are 3 more that were sold as a SET!!!! lol….always makes me laugh to see that without leg armor for the characters Wierzbowski, Apone and Crowe.

Then Jackets, trousers and helmets for Hicks, Frost, Apone and Dietrich….again sold as a SET!!!

Lots 116-118 are various combos of jackets and trousers many of which we now know to have been production made but never used. One of the lots had 15 uniforms!

Now things get really mindblowing.

Lot 119 is Ripleys spacesuit from Alien….and an off duty uniform. That could either be from Aliens or Alien.


I believe this is either owned by Hard Rock cafe or Planet Hollywood now.

Next are the other two members of the expeditions complete spacesuits followed by an incomplete Veronica Cartwright.

Then a couple of Spunkmeyers flightsuits from “Aliens”

I’m missing the next page but the final one I have is misc. films from the 70’s and 80’s


Im doing a bit more research into the sale and trying to find out more on the prices so an update will be posted in due course.


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