“The Hunger Games” Catching fire Jennifer Lawrence leather jacket find


After a quiet few months where basically if I bid on it I came in second FINALLY a really great find came my way this week.

eBay can be a very hard nut to crack with the sheer number of ex-VIP auction items, bad replicas and underwear sold by ex-wrestlers but occasionally you come across a gem.

Such was this week when I came across the following innocuous listing which I would normally skipped over as a non-event when you add in the lack of information, the low seller score and the poor to middling photos.

Original coat used in the filming of Catching fire, has the ID for Katniss in side of coat. Peoples Revolution NY,  Nicholas Jacket. In mint condition. Can provide proof of employment by studio.

In this case the thing that saved it for me was the bar coded label inside the jacket which proved to be the first step on an interesting road. Using the contact information readily available inside I emailed the production company and was able to not only get confirmation that the jacket had been hired but that the original jackets designer was able to confirm it was one of the jackets that he had made and sold thru his boutique to the production company.

Then just like other head tearing ebay finds more information started to come out from the seller such as “the proof of employment” wasn’t that he was just some studio clerk, but that he had actually been J.L.’s assistant during the movie in Atlanta where he lived and the film was shot partially. That email from Jennifer’s mother confirming his employment was icing on the cake, when taken with the other emails from the coats designer and the rental company.


The jacket when viewed on BLU was used in a couple of scenes with Gale (Hemsworth) in the forest and then when he is whipped by the new head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread and Katniss and Haymitch save him.


So what other interesting things came with this piece. Well the hand written tag with Katniss written on it was never going to be the smoking gun for me, although the fact that it was sewn in and not written in was a good start. It was actually upon receiving it that (as always) I checked the pockets and found what some of my best items have always had inside the pockets….candy. Something I had read that JL was very fond of despite her figure. What kind of candy I hear you ask? Starbursts!

Reason I found that funny is that costumes ranging from Brian Blessed’s from “Doctor Who” and Mikhail from “Lost” all had some kind of sweets in the pockets. Its kind of my go to if the item has actually been used and I suspect a lot of companies go thru the pockets to remove this lint and call sheet type stuff before its sold.

So there you go. A really nice item for a great price with solid provenance. My “Hunger games” wish fulfilled.



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