The Propstore 2014 October Live auction of film and television artefacts at Vue Cinemas


As promised here is a pure numbers look at the sale. 0.62 is current pound sterling value to the dollar

Number of items available in catalog: 378

Number of items unsold: 134

Number of items sold: 244

Lowest priced item that sold

Not 100% sure of this because of the propstore auction page being finickity but I believe it was the League of Extraordinary Gentleman poster for 50 pounds or roughly $80.00.

Highest priced 5 items in dollars NOT including fees

Hoverboard $36,450

Rush Lauder car $32,400

Thunderball tow sled $32,400

Death Proof car $32,400

Batmobile miniature “Forever” $32,400

Possible amount of money brought in from all 244 items if paid for:

In Pounds: 761,490

In dollars: $1,226,417

20% commission fee amount paid on all lots by bidders: $245,283 (152,298 pounds)

These numbers do of course not account for unsold lots, money not collected etc and my calculator errors…(lol).

At the end of the day one can see why Propstore entered the auction market. It is extremely lucrative, especially when you have good items to sell.

More on the auction over the next few days.


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