Profiles in History Auction 65 EXCLUSIVE first look at the catalog

Ive just had the first part of the catalog delivered to me so I thought I would pick out a few of the signature pieces. First up…one of the FINEST pieces of movie prop and wardrobe history ever to have been offered.

This really is a HUGE uppercut to the Propstore auction…..and the more modern movies are to follow in part 2.

Lot 671 James Mason Captain Nemo costume

Priced at $12-15k

20,000 leagues

Next up,

Anne Francis wig from Forbidden Planet

Priced at $1500-2500

20,000 1

Lot 702 Minoton head from “Sinbad”

Can you believe this….my goodness me this is an amazing piece of Ray Harryhausen history!

20,000 2

Lot 737 Henry Alvarez collection Rob Bottin The Fly 1986

Another WOW! item. Made for Rob Bottin’s pitch on the Cronenberg classic! Never before seen apparently!

20,000 3

811 THE signature coat from Citizen Kane

Another piece that defies belief. Simply one of historys most important costumes $60-80k

20,000 4

Joan of Arc armor

I know…its just amazing. This auction just keeps getting better.

Comes with production made helmet

20,000 5

Part 2 coming soon


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