New readers………….look here.

Hey new readers. With the Superman Vs. Batman story below we expect a lot of you to be joining us today.

That’s cool. Take a load off. Visit some of the 600 articles here about collecting props and wardrobe from movies and TV over the last few years.

This site is pretty much put together by me, written by me, thought of and obscurely talked about.

So…if you like the above….props, wardrobe, technical behind the scenes stuff and models please regard us as your new home for some pretty cool info. Bottom line is most websites want to sell you something. We don’t. We just want to share our love of movie memorabilia.

For that check us out here from time to time, or join facebook using the popup (or click below) where basically this site has moved to for daily updates, a cool photo archive and lots of stuff in the next two months being talked about from The Pacific Rim and Propstore October auction, Profiles in history Expendables sale and much much more. I promise you that both old and new collectors will see things that will both be exciting and informative!

We really do want you.

P.S. You will also be entered into our race for 1000 competition….so like us and possibly win one of two props up for grabs!!!


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