July 12th Summer auction results

As I posted on facebook earlier half way thru the event prices seemed to be down so lets analyze the sales results. Here are the top items to sell

First up selling for $14,000 here is the Star Trek: TMP spacesuit. Whilst missing several components its use by Commander Terrell in Star Trek 2 was of more interest to me and other fans I suspect.

The second highest item for $12,000 was this crumbling Yoda hand. Personally I wouldn’t have bought it for any money myself but a small war developed on this piece.

Im sure the following item surprised Desi and Jeff which was the Click remote selling for a huge $11,000. For “Click”, an Adam Sandler movie prop??? Don’t get me wrong…I love light up props but I think Im not the only one thinking someone overpaid for this.

Surprising no one this Sankara stone from “Indy 2” hit $11,000 too.

This dress from “Edward Scissorhands” I expected to go between $5k-10k. I just thought it was a beautiful and iconic piece. Not surprised then when it sold for $7,000.

Data. Star Trek. $5500. Done deal all day every day.

So no big surprises then. Well a nice Klingon for only $2700 was a surprise. The Breaking bad stuff did ok too. What is REALLY surprising and really a bit of a shock is of the nine pages on Icollector, everything after the first page sold under $550 or didn’t sell at all. In fact that’s 5 full pages of stuff that was overpriced or no one had any interest in. Looking thru the stuff there’s quite a bit of trek that was overpriced, but generally the items are fairly lackluster save for the $65,000 Superman costume.

So. Why did this happen. Well the timing of the announcement of the Propstore auction certainly hurt. So did the generally high reserves. Yes, the item does sell if the reserve is met…i.e.. the opening bid. But it doesn’t help if people don’t want to jump in at that price and stifles the auction.

The market is also very stifled right now. People paying high prices on items within the last 2-3 years ARE having a tough time getting their original investment back….the number of people on payment plans doesn’t help either. Will this change? Im not entirely sure…..certainly speaking for myself If I can’t turn over pieces and reinvest the money it sure doesn’t make me want to pay a high price in the first place. A conversation I have had with many sellers. It also doesn’t help that generally people have less money month to month to play with because of the ubiquitous payment plans offered.

So there you have it. Again…a solid offering put together from Screenused, BUT I would ask them to remember that the site is being neglected in a way that many of the old school customers missed. Knowing that items from this auction are going to be uploaded for the next month doesn’t always make me want to click at 2-3 am like in the old days at seeing the newest items.


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