“The Walking Dead” auction of props and wardrobe slated for Saturday August 23rd 2014 APRIL FOOL!

This of course….was an April fool.


Sources today confirmed that a brand new auction company headed by Chris Hardwick, he of Nerdist.com fame
and scheduled for their first major event with a sale of items from the set of “The Walking Dead” that on Sunday reached an astonishing 15 million people on Sunday.

“I’ve decided that being a famous talkshow, internet celebrity, tv and movie star and general nice guy isn’t enough” Chris said to us yesterday. “I’ve thought that after seeing Hershel’s head on our table on the “Talking dead” a few episodes ago that we need to give something back for the fans PLUS make some money back for the show so we can fire a few more bullets each episode. Further to that I have been asking the onset crew to keep all the pieces of make-up that were to be thrown away, bullet casings, overly bloodied wardrobe and basically anything that we could save from the production to offer up on the internet live on I.collector.com”

Hundreds of body bags will be available at the auction with prices starting at $50 each!!!!! What a steal.

Hundreds of body bags will be available at the auction with prices starting at $50 each!!!!! What a steal.

“So far some of the best things we have are actual bullets that came out of Rick’s gun that were going to be swept up and thrown away. I bet we can get major bucks for these!”.

Other items include pieces of zombie flesh (in reality rubber strips doused in red food coloring) each with their own COA saying exactly which zombie and episode these items were used in. On set makeup artist Todd G. was asked to keep meticulous records and even though working 14 hour days managed a sterling effort.

Bones and bodies....direct from the set

Bones and bodies….direct from the set

“Greg Nicotero actually kept coming back to our storage tent saying we couldn’t have these heads as they needed them for the next episode but I had him over-ruled by the armorer” Todd proudly stated. “We need those bullets firing each episode more than these burnt zombie heads.”

What else can we expect? The prison has been taken down from Season 3 and all the barbed wire kept. Was it rubber to protect the actors I asked? Speaking to John Sanders the property master he confirmed that it was but they couldn’t afford it so they used metal mostly. “It was sharp. We kept losing Zombie extras as they would poke their eyes out and nick themselves. The blood would ruin the zombie appliances so we had to make sure that they stopped walking into it with their contact lenses on by poking them with sticks out of camera.” How much would a roll of barbed wire start at? “I reckon people will buy it and paste it onto collector cards. After seeing some of those swatches of real live costumes on ebay going for hundreds I expect we will see those selling for lots!”

Real prison barb wire! Available at the auction!

Real prison barb wire! Available at the auction!

When asked why wouldn’t any major actor costumes or props like the crossbow used by Daryl be featured in the sale and costume designer Eulyn Womble had this to say. “Oh no…we need that for the next 10 seasons of the show. Our actors like to wear the same clothes week after week so we only have one of each costume. The smell really helps them keep in character.”

Well sounds to me like this is going to be an amazing sale. I for one will definitely be watching with interest!

"Shhh....don't tell anyone but I think this story is a load of bunk" says Merle

“Shhh….don’t tell anyone but I think this story is a load of bunk” says Merle


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