Spring 2014 movie prop & wardrobe auction

Coming on Saturday 15th March at 10am Pacific time Screenused is holding its next auction of items from film and television.

As usual they are attempting to bring us a wide range of items in different price tiers, and I think overall they hav succeeded but obviously the interest in the prop market has moved towards the higher value pieces.

Here are the top three items that have been viewed 5 days before the sale goes live.

“Charlie and the chocolate factory” cane

So far the most viewed item on Described thusly,

This walking cane is one of only a few canes commissioned by set designer Peter Young for use by Johnny Depp as “Willy Wonka”. It measures 39.25″ long and features a tapered, hollow spiral shaft filled with real edible sprinkles, a pointed black resin tip with aluminum trim rings, and spiral black and white acrylic ball head with aluminum and resin collar. This cane was acquired directly from a family member of Peter Young.”

This piece is expected to go for around $8,000. Jeff and Desi use a system not of estimates but the starting price as requested by the seller so it will be interesting to see if this (a) gets a bid and (b) what it sells for. Not my favorite film by any stretch so hard for me to fall in love with this undeniably cool piece.

“Back to the future” guitar.

One of my favorite pieces comes in second. Beautiful piece of movie and music history. Its expensive…but I have doubt that this will get a bid.

“This is the guitar used for studio recording of the opening scene where Marty blows Doc’s amplifier and speakers, as well as when Marty plays Johnny B. Goode at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

The guitar is a custom-made late 1979 Valley Arts Custom Stratocaster built by Mike McGuire in Studio City, California. It was made specifically for Tim May, and is serial number 25”

The fact that it was used on Blondie’s “Call me” blows my mind….and the classic “All Night Long”.

Lastly of the top three most viewed items Biff Tannen’s jacket from “Back to the Future”.

A beautiful wardrobe piece, and since 2015 is next year the fever pitch for BTTF stuff is only just starting.

So far though none of these have a bid on. So what are the highest three bids so far?

At $12,500 these X-2 claws worn by Logan/Wolverine are right in line with previous prices, although Profiles in History did sell some years ago for alot more.

Screenused sold some bone claws last year for $10,000 as pictured below.

These below sold in the Drier Profiles auction for $25,000 in July 2012

My own feeling with the Wolverine claws is that the market has been flooded with them, especially recently by the original maker Jimmy Claws on ebay. Unless they have a letter saying there were used in a specific place or from Fox I would be very dilligent in your examination of them personally. The pair come with a COA from the associate producer. Thats gold in my opinion.

Second up at $3250 is the Lt Valeris costume from Star Trek 6. Whilst the jacket is non attributed and should be noted by any buyers as these jackets at Its a wrap sale were famously joined with primary actor trousers and shirts even when the tags were missing from the piece.

I think this is the first of this character to come to market. It should go in the 4-6k range even missing various pieces. Interestingly enough the trouser stripe should be red….its grey but these stripes were changed out for use in “Voyager” and other productions.

Thirdly the highest bid item so far is the Walter White “Breaking Bad” hazmat suit.

Again not my cup o’ tea but I think its a fair price. The iconic image of the yellow costume is very fresh in peoples minds. It will be interesting in 10 years if the value of this piece were still to hold. Alot of tv from the last 10 years seems to be crashing recently, so the buyer may want to consider that.

Ok. So thats 6 items of 333. I often get asked what are my favorite items, but also what are my least favorite. Well to be honest the posters don’t do much for me. I think its easier to say what I don’t think will sell because of the opening bid. Number 1, the “Predators” Royce knife at $5000 seems way to much. I’m guessing its because of the bidding war last time on his body armor. Also the “Superman Flyby” stuff whilst very cool to look at is very expensive for not being used. Same as the Judge Dredd helmet which seems alot for a background item.

My favorite items?

Pretty much all the Last Action Hero items that have come seemingly from a locked time capsule. Amazing stuff.

Well that’s a wrap for this one. As usual you can trust Jeff and Desi to run a tight, no nonsense event with fair shipping and payment, if your a consignor quicker than perhaps any other auctioneer I know in the business currently.

Happy bidding!






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