upcoming Icollector auction on February 15th 2014 preview

The Beasts hands from X3

After a quiet start to the year the first interesting sale of 2014 has hit with Propdomains collection of items from weird and wonderful Hollywood. With most of the items coming from a singular source the full auction reaches over 400 items and is certainly the best showing they have ever put forth.

Long time readers will know I don’t have much time for putting the same items up over and over if they don’t sell the first time, so Im very pleased to say that near 3/4 of the auction is new to the market items from various hollywood blockbusters.

First up there are a slew of items from “Hellboy” and its sequel. Most of the items are marked as used or hero which should help you in your bidding choices. Some of the standouts include a full “Hellboy” face and chest and various creature appliances and teeth. The items below are are pair of hero teeth.

For the more budget concious there are lots like the following….a pile of Hellboy fingers!

There are so many variations of stunt and hero items that anyone bidding should be able to get something very reasonably priced so I recomend picking up something here, and with a nice picture of the actor making a very cool display.

“Land of the lost” is not a good movie. BUT….the costumes and creatures are….so depending on your mood I think these creature suits and heads for the Sleestak characters are excellent additions to the collection. The ones below is unfinished but a really nice example of the genre. There are complete costumes too and other small pieces of suit available.

Complete Sleestak.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace original pistol

Chucky prop figure “Seed of Chucky”

Fans of the movie VHS can get various zombie parts like the one below.

From the Xmen series here are a pair of the beasts teeth. Worn by Kelsey Grammer this is a neat item to be framed!

Also from the Xmen here are a pair of arms worn by Daniel Cudmore as Collosus

Other Xmen pieces include an Angel wing, Beasts teeth and hands and other items from the franchise.

The last and best items are from “Fantastic 4” and include pieces of the Thing and Dr Doom!

….and a Thing hand!

The link to the event can be found here and the premium is 20%. Certain items can also be previewed before the sale so contact the owner David via the the link.

Here is a link to for even more info about the seller and the event.

Ill have a full review of the event a few days after the sale.


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