Unveiling of Max’s Exo-Hulc suit from “Elysium”

Been a quiet month with most of my time focused on some of the items obtained in the last three months of last year from VIP auctions. Here are the fruits of my labor.

Well its been a long road and big thank you to Dan at Pittsburghprops for all his help in making this incredible journey with me. Without his expertise in finding the right screws, nuts, and casting a few small key pieces I wouldn’t have been able to complete this project. Whilst not 100% complete, its to the point where I can stop working on it and just sit back and enjoy the full costume.

As I have said on a number of posts on the facebook page this piece had to be purchased across 25 different auctions, each as nailbiting as the next in an attempt to get enough pieces to finish it. Several times in fact one and only one piece was available, and not winning it would have resulted in basically not being able to put the suit together. It really was a rollercoaster.

Here is an example of one of the lots purchased back in September/October.

exo hulc parts 2If you look at the picture above it looks like a bunch of bits. I know….I was right there with you. Gradually using the artbook, screencaps, the trailer and multiple viewings of the film we were able to work out which pieces were which…..a herculean task. For instance the item in the top left is actually a chestplate from the Max Exo suit….and its sister right next to it. Right of that is a piece of Kruger Exo skeleton back..at the bottom left is a Max footplate from his boot. Some where used, some casts, some finished and some unfinished. It was…in short, a complete and total mess.

Using these pieces we were able to source the nuts and bolts that were already attached and mix and match where necessary. Below is a great example from the artbook of pictures we could use to stitch things together.



pistons extra 2Taking into account that the above black and ivory pieces that go into each piston where $4.00 each, and small nuts like those around it 50c each….you get an idea that this wasn’t cheap either.

The full list of pieces to finish this costume don’t just include the Exo-armour. A pair of shoes were needed, forearm computer pads, trousers, shirt, undershirt, exo-armor mounting shirt and pants, the headpiece……its one of the hardest and most complete things I have personally ever tried to do.

So….what are we left with. Well, I’m very proud to unveil the completed costume. Max’s Exo-suit, complete with his hero clothing, hero Chem-rail, and his moon necklace placed in his right hand.

maxmannequinKeep an eye on the facebook page where I will be posting more pics throughout the week.


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