The best props and wardrobe of 2013

The best props and wardrobe awards of 2013 are decided by a council of some of the best, and most talented insiders…..ok ok…..Im busted. Its me. Im choosing my favourite props and wardrobe from Websites, auctions and private sales that I know of and thus its my opinions and based solely on my taste. BUT…..since I have a good one….let it roll!


Well I had been waiting for these to come up and although Im still not sure of the source, it looks like Sony dumped them onto the market and a few of you scooped them up. Whilst in person not as impressive due to the cheap plastic used, the pictures that can be taken are awesome. Terrible movie. Crappy in almost everyway. Costumes……from Melina’s leather jacket to these police outfits…..awesome.

9: “Aliens” Vazquez headset (courtesy of Propstore)

One of the truly great movies of history, and one of those rare props you don’t expect to see come up. Its also something that was part of my collection for a time in the early 1990’s before passing on to its former owner before the sale for some 19 years or so. People say all the time that the Maltese Falcon, Yul Brynner’s wig and the dress from Tara are the holy grail of movie items. In years to come when those people fall away it will be stuff like this that causes people to mmmm….and ahhhhh……. Congratualtions on the new owner. Also Propstore took some gorgeous photos of this. Kudos!

8: Iron Man 3 gauntlet (eBay)

We always talk about the one that got away. Me more than most. This was up on ebay a few months back and was a foam “blow up” glove that was made when Tony Stark’s house is destroyed. I thought “no body could have seen those auctions”. Wrong.

Oh well. Plenty of more blown up stuff down the road.

$T2eC16R,!wsE9suwydzfBS(IuBOo2Q~~60_577: He Man costume (Juliens)

Your dead inside if you didn’t love this piece of 80’s cheese. Looking almost complete and selling for $10,000 this awesome piece almost made me bid. Its amazing how little of the items that have come up from this film, and yet almost the whole thing seems to have escaped destruction. I reckon if all the collectors who have squirreled them away came out of the closet we could remake it…..and make it good. Probably….

6: Judge Dredd stunt/hero costume (Propstore)

This of course was the year of the Dredd auction…but Im sure most of you have aready forgotten that. For two straight weeks grown men crumbled and were destroyed at the knees as eBay prices rocketed into the stratosphere, probably never to be repeated. That’s a shame because couple that with a whole group of replica costume makers that pretty much got it 85% correct it would seem that the fire has burned out on these pieces which is a shame because I doubt you will seem many of the suits come up ever again once they are locked into “big boys” collections, and they truly are incredible costumes. Hmmm…85%. Probably lower come to think of it. Again, Propstore knocked it out of the park with pictures and some great customer service. Thanks guys!

5: Back to the Future Hoverboard (eBay)

Still have no idea if its real. Sold for a hair over $8,000 this will probably show up in Profiles one day for $50k. No one would beat an eyebrow….but us Ebay savvy investors like to be sure.

clients_isolditca001_photo_sets_21896_DSCF0140_Edit_14: Han Solo gun (Profiles in history)

Totally not for me but you would all complain if I didn’t include it. How a hunk of resin got $200,000 just blows my mind. Much more feasable is my pre-2000 auction estimate of $50,000 but that proves the power of profiles….and that just one person has to bid and suddenly thats the going price. Until of course he tries to sell it and can’t get a bid on it…but mores the power to you laddo.

3: Man of Steel command key (Slyprops)

Continually achieving the impossible Paul continues to get amazing props from some of LA’s best movies. This command key is the best prop in the film, and coupled with his amazing eye at displays I am comfortable saying that this is just a small item in a mountain of great pieces from this talented collector.

2: Shawn the Sheep (Hollywood History)

Come on. No words required. From one of the modern era’s best pieces of animation, and beautifully displayed too this is Wesley Cannon’s Shawn the Sheep. Just classic.In at Number 2!

1: Elysium Hero Max Exo suit/Kruger Exo suit

Its a tie for number one. Why? Because the hero suits are a little bit of a mess and the Kruger suits were pieced together from more parts than an Ikea set of bookshelves of mid 18th century chinese dragon era with lots of fiddley bits. In otherwords its a miracle that either set of these came to auction as cool, working, expensive stuff like this doesn’t tend to, especially if cursed by the holy stamp of Weta who if Lord of the Rings is your thing you might be paying $400,000 for a bow. Take into account that “District 9” seems to not have let ANYTHING out and you have some amazing pieces. My props of the year. If you ever get to see one in person up close…you will understand why.

exosuit1exosuit2So thats it for the year. Of course there were millions of other items….Heck I could have put Elysium in every category, but then it wouldn’t be any fun. We will also have our look at the best dealers of 2013 coming up in next few days so stay tuned!



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