“Elysium” Gold Armadyne robot prop by Weta

Perhaps one of the coolest items I’ve ever had the privilege to own is this full size Weta gold robot made by the fictional Armadyne corporation and one of only 19 full size robots made for the production including 1 red hero robot, 7 hero silver robots for the factory and 10 background robots.

WetaProps4Above is a picture of the security droid seen in scenes on Elysium, below are the factory droids.

WetaProps10These were made by Weta and shipped to Mexico, and Vancouver for filming.

The gold robot was created with perhaps the most features.

gold robotVarious parts of the head were powered to run the fans, and the whole head section was made to lift off at 90 degrees and tear away from the body, whilst cables run through the robot were activated off screen to allow water, oil and explosive effects to fire at the same time. It was then dirtied down and damaged per the script requirements of the scene.

Matt Damon stars as Max in TriStar Pictures' ELYSIUM.The arms are removable as CGI replaced them during most shots. The original orange tracking markers were used by WETA to replace them.

ELYSIUM-weta-propsHere is the original art of the robot.

Elysium_Droid2_PEARCEHope you enjoy the video:



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