The “Elysium” story Part 6 “Kruger’s head”


Following from a nasty incident with a grenade in the Raven interiror Kruger suffers massive facial injuries from the attack. On board the space station “Elysium” a miracle of surgery is performed on him. Here is the original art by Aaron Beck of the facial damage.

Headshot_Kb_wip_BM_88_905Weta workshop of New Zealand made the original two test heads sold on ebay by VIP auctions in late September/October 2013. Both heads were slightly different to the final realised version,.

Test head one of Kruger (Sharlto Copley)

Test head one of Kruger (Sharlto Copley)

Second test head of Kruger is shown below. It is possible that these were used during the grenade actually blowing up. On viewing the footage I put at the bottom of the page I now believe thats possible.

kruger head 3All of the three heads had blood tubes, a skinflex exterior with interior skull, teeth and wax detailing. The following shots are of the third and screenused pieces being made at Weta and being used on set. The head was mounted to a dummy for some shots of Kruger’s body being taken to the infirmary. Later the head was scanned and mixed with CGI for the facial replacement shots in the med lab.

Cinefex-Kruger-headKruger-Bodyimg_2931This head and neck is now in my permanent collection. Whilst gory and quite horrible its still one of the best realized effects in recent memory. It is still mounted on its original carry case with handle, sadly at some point the weight of the prosthetic has torn the head from its shoulders.

kruger head 2Watch video of both sequences below.



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