The “Elysium” story…..Mercenaries and smugglers part 7

On the side of good Elysium has some great characters that utilize tech just as well as the bad guys, its just more beat up and old.

Spider Wagner leads the revolt against Elysium and uses a couple of Weta props in the process. The costumes were sold in various stunt and hero ensembles. The cane and walking brace both made by Weta were also sold separately. Some were rubber and some plastic and wood. The picture below is the hero set with custom graffiti and “hero” markings inside that sold for barely $300.

spider walking caneIntegral to this character is his love of computers and hacking. Only two computers came up for sale. The first from the end of the film on Elysium that sold for $1400 and a second one belonging from the early part of the film. I managed to win that one and found that it not only worked but had bonus footage from the production on the hard drive!

That footage had been taken from the helmet camera tests on the recording device on Manuel’s camera, coming up in just a second which I also owned.

                                           Spider in his lair…Production artwork

The other character I purchased was Manuel as played by Adrian Holmes. His costume sold during the VIP sale totaled about 10 sets including stunt, however only 3 body armors were sold, and only one hero helmet. Originally the face plate was struck by a bullet in the early script so 3 extra visors were produced and sold with this piece.

Here is the helmet made by Weta. The working camera had to be purchased separately and was used to film interior car footage on the film.

Original design of helmet by Weta of New Zealand

                                   Original design of helmet by Weta of New Zealand

The helmet is completely custom made and has a moving visor, and chin strap. It is covered in custom artwork and decals.

I let Adrian, the actor know his costume was still around and here is his reply.

Adrian Holmes Hey man… That’s so cool! What a trip it is to see my helmet… Getting a lil misty over here. Lol! Thank u much! Was an experience I’ll never forget.

Lastly Sandro is the third Heist member with a computer keyboard built into his body armor during the robbery.

original art for Sandro armor computer

                   original art for Sandro armor computer

I purchased his hero costume along with the metal rails that are attached to his wrist, very similar to Travis Bickle in “Taxi Driver”. The pair of Beretta 92FS was kept by the armorer.

ref-102Original Sandro costume including shoes and bracelet.

More tomorrow!


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