The “Elysium” story Part 5 AK-47 sight

Perhaps one of the greatest sequences in the film is the desert heist scene with the gold robots, cars, and Carlyle.

The quest to screen match the following prop didn’t take too long but at the time the prices in the auction were all over the place and the current owner wasn’t sure he would win it at a reasonable sum.

Constructed of resin, metal and plastic components VIP did not identify this piece as a working prop at the time. It seems that they used a special battery and the construction makes it tricky to open up the prop.

Here is Aaron Becks original artwork of the prop:

Although we knew there were three sights available we had discounted sight 3 sold mid October for $1679 as the very front had screws on it not visible in the screen caps we had used for close-up inspection. It later transpired that these held the laser that was installed on the front of the prop.

Sight that doesn't match most shots in the film

                       Sight that doesn’t match most shots in the film

The first of the sights with 6 bullets has sold over three thousand dollars but it was always the second sight that was a positive match. Here is that prop.

screen match sightsight matchThe bolt under the gun is for screwing into the AK-47 that was a rental prop gun.

Original auction description:

This is a screen used collectible AK-47 Sight and Rounds prop set.   This set includes one AK-47 sight attachment and four AK-47 rounds. The sight is described as being composed of a polyester resin material, and is approximately 13.5 inches long. It is mostly black in color with an orange scope and red, white, and yellow accents. There are decorative buttons and switches, but none of them move or twist. There is a rubber cord sticking out of the back of the sight, that leads to a control pad that has decorative buttons that do not move as well. The rounds are all approximately 2.25 inches long, and described as being composed of aluminum, styrene, and resin materials. Half of the rounds have a silver base with a black intermediate and yellow and white tip. The other half have a black base with a silver intermediate and a black and red tip. This is one of three similar prop sets received from production. The others will be listed separately. Please note, these item are prop items and are not functional.  All items are in good condition, but show signs of use from production, including intentional wear on the sight.

publicity photo used for screen matching

                                          publicity photo used for screen matching


                                                       Screen match sight

Screen match sight pic 2

                                               Screen match sight pic 2
Original weta art

                                                                           Original weta art

The bullets were split into two groups of two, one set of which can be seen on yourprops in the RKPETERSEN collection.

Screen match sight pic 3

Screen match pic 4

                                     Screen match pic 4



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