The “Elysium” story Part 4 “Guns, Guns, Guns……continued”

So in the earlier article this week we covered the hand pistol and the SMG…..time for bigger artillery!

First up Weta built the giant rocket launcher used by Kruger in the Mexican desert scenes and this was never sold during the VIP auctions.


Courtesy of Christian Pearce


This rocket launcher was probably custom made by Weta and not a found item.

The next weapon is Krugers throwing star seen here in the Pittsburghprops collection on yourprops.

8(2)This was the only one sold by VIP with the working light that blinks and graphics attached. Interestingly enough the light is actually the same “unit” inside the ear pieces worn by the citizens of “Elysium” painted black. This was thrown at Rico during the fight on the space-station causing him to be wounded and then blown up.

Kruger uses a similar device on his wrist that he can Laser point at a target and launch smart bombs towards. These are what brings Sandro to an untimely end when he explodes.

Kruger also favours blades, the first being his knife with the Asgari weapons corporation logo on the hilt. This is an example of a rubber and working blade, used on Matt Damon when he is stabbed in the stomach.

Krugers sword is an important prop in the film and carries the Samurai motif. Watch in the next installments of “The Elysium story” for that particular items history.

So…..onto grenades. Kruger meets an untimely end, or so we think by the hands of the grenade held by Max on the Raven aircraft. During the VIP auctions around about 4 lots of grenades were sold, and in the end I think myself and my co-buyer bought most of them in the hunt for the elusive screenmatch. It also helped that the very first lot had extra handles that could be placed on the grenades that were missing them later on. The first bunch of grenades sold in late August were rubber, but later the resin ones started showing up, which were much nicer and less paint damaged.

                                    Grenade from the RKPETERSEN collection

These props are beautiful examples of Weta’s work. The pin can be pulled, the handle flips up and off and the device is armed. For these two sell in the $200 range originally was a steal. Em not sure if people didn’t know what they were and how they featured in the film but to me they are a must have prop.

The other versions of the grenades were a different shape in gray, green and black. The best of them the HRX version that hung from Drake’s belt is here. The original artists rendering is on the right.

The version thrown under the car by an android is in fact unpainted as my brother pointed out. No decals on it either.

We will feature the Ak-47 sight in more detail later next week, but the ammunition that gun uses is very cool. Made of resin the VIP auction saw 3 sets, and a couple of unpainted versions.

The first week of the auction saw this larger version of the stun gun used only as a CGI prop go for some $1500.

The smaller handheld versions used by both Drake, Crowe and the Homeland defence team sold between $500-1300. Four resin and one rubber. Here is the rubber one from my collection in its actual holster.

I know it was scene in the B-roll footage on you-tube early on, but this gun when it came up for auction did stump quite a few people.

Originally made for Crowe, the mercenary the gun was meant to plug into the vest that he wears to power it. A scene from the script changed near filming had Crowe grab the gun when Max and Frey run from the ship only to be fired on with the giant gun, and Max using a shield like Kruger did earlier to deflect the bullets.

Crowe_railgun_02_ABThe original art for the scene is below.

E_forcefield2d_BM_905It is also positioned on the weapons rack in the armory scene.

Which brings us neatly to the main gun in the above image. The Chem-rail. Guess what….

new_railgun_02More on that tomorrow!





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