Drakes (Brandon Auret) costume from “Elysium” display


Im extremely proud to be able to show off this almost complete Drake costume ensemble worn by Brandon Auret who confirmed on twitter a number of interesting facts about it.

First up that there were 3 vests (2 hero/1 stunt), and according to the auction about 7 costumes,  most of which were damaged with blood and tears during production. The stunt vest was sold during the MRC/VIP auctions. It appears one was kept by the Director of the film.There were 3 sets of leg and shoulder armor, two of which were sold as being “generic” pieces.

The full breakdown is hero #1 costume, hero armor, hero #2 vest, hero boots, hero non firing Chemrail, stunt taser in hero holster. The only thing missing is the helmet…..which to be honest I never liked that look. The completist in me wonders where it went….but it seems to have disappeared probably with vest #1.

I should also mention the camo was made especially for the film and is not off the peg per the costume designer.

Anyway. Thanks to Brandon for the information. Hope you enjoy the picture.



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